My name is Srebre Orden Tororoshi, also known as Aka Steve (MIN#444860). I want to tell you how PaidaLajin has caused my physical, mental and spiritual liberation in prison.

So let me begin by giving you an insight of some of the symptoms and conditions I was suffering prior to doing PaidaLajin. First and foremost I was mentally depressed and emotionally desperate. Medically my suffering included but not limited to:

  1. High blood pressure
  2. Irregular heart beat
  3. Neck and Shoulder Pain
  4. Paralyzing leg pain
  5. Immune disorder
  6. Frozen shoulder
  7. Cancer of the mouth
  8. Urgent and frequent urination
  9. Inability to squat
  10. Impotence
  11. Type 2 Diabetes
  12. Very dry and clammy skin
  13. Insomnia

At my age of 55, I thought these problems were normal. My excuse was I am getting older and the medicine will help me. What choice did I have other than accepting my medication and supplement to maintain my conditions and symptoms? Indeed, I relied on medication for many years, but my health conditions only was getting worse. Emotionally, I was going to die in prison. I was so depressed that I felt like living in hell. It was 2017 I found myself in prison, emotionally in the lowest state of feeling. What could life offer me other than death? I was in such a a depressed state that I was contemplating ending my life, just as a boxer throwing in the towel. I had no answer to my suffering.

When I think back, and compare to the place I was in emotionally then, and where I am today, I have a deeper understanding about the true meaning of prison. I was in a variety of prisons. As a person I was in prison physically, but due to the number of diseases I was suffering, I was in prison medically and psychologically. What’s more, when I was suffering from all of my fears, worries and emotions, I was also Imprisoned mentally and emotionally. I was fucked in all manner and form.

So at the lowest point of my life and in the pits of hell with hope lost and fear had taken control of my senses, I met Hongchi Xiao, the PaidaLajin Master. We introduced each other, so I asked him, “What has brought you here?” I remember his words, “I each self-healing.” I said “that’s good, so God has brought you here to teach us to heal ourselves.” We laughed. So after a few days of conversation with a mutual friend of ours Tung Quoc Le, the Vietnamese, we decided to try this PaidaLajin self-healing method. We thought it’s a perfect opportunity to detox if nothing else.

We started in our cell, slapping, stretching, yelling, making funny faces. It was hard because of pain, a lot of pain. I first slapped my elbows and knees slowly, doing each area over 5 minutes, watching as “sha” (poisoned color) appeared, over several days changing my focus on other areas as well, such as hands and feet. I continued this over the first two months, until each day one hour of practice was achieved. During this time all kinds of healing crisis appeared, such as soreness, pain, swelling, numbing, itchiness, nausea and vomiting, etc.

As for Lajin, we would do on each other, even though we didn’t have Lajin bench, we would put a blanket on the floor, and let one person lie on the floor while the other one help him lift and push one leg back against the chest as straight as possible until the pain was unbearable. So as the weeks pushed on, my self-healing practice started to take effect on me. I noticed my body started to change from inside out. In fact, the changes happened together with healing crisis. My body odor became very strong as was the smell of my urine and other bodily functions. I became very itchy with my whole body, particularly on the joints areas such as armpits, ankles, and also on my head. I know from Xiao’s book tht this was healing crisis, and I was experiencing detox. At the same time, I was becoming lighter physically and mentally.

Other than the physical crisis, we also created a crisis with the other inmates. People were starting to ask what was the noise, and who was doing the slapping that was echoing in the prison. So we realized that we has to come out in the open. We started the self-healing practice outside of our cells, in the open in front of every body, just like doing a normal exercise done by others in the yard. As a result, more people began to ask and join our team. So now after one year of self-healing we have our own little workshop where we do PaidaLajin on each other in a group of 4~5 people, almost every day if weather allows. But what amazes me is, in a place such as a prison, which can be very brutal and cruel, people have accepted our little ritual of self-healing with continued interest and shown respect with continued curiosity of how PaidaLajin benefits me and the other guys who practice it.

I am like new-born babe after one year’s practice of self-healing. All my symptoms and conditions that I have mentioned previously have improved so dramatically, I am on top of the world, like the mystical phoenix born from the ashes. It’s my rebirth. Just mention a few here. I used to easily catch flu and headache often, because of my immune disorder, but this disorder is none existent, and I have not had the flu or headache ever since I started self-healing. My blood pressure has reduced from 186/103 down to 127/75. Please be reminded that I have stopped taking blood thinning medication and all the other medication soon aster I started self-healing. No one asked me to stop but I stopped it myself since I feel better with PaidaLajin. Even though sometimes I feel some pressure around my chest, but I know that is more emotional than physical. My insomnia is none existent, before going to sleep I meditate and make the next morning with unbroken sleep. My greatest joy is my blood sugar has dropped from 9 to 3.5. And I no longer wake three times a night to urinate. My erectile function has returned. What a beautiful feeling for a man to get erection again. It’s a shame I am in prison and I can’t put it to good use. Ha-ha!.

Before doing PaidaLajin, I took a variety of medication for many years, but now I no longer take any type of medicine or supplements for any of my symptoms. But now my mouth cancer has improved greatly. My mouth used to bleed and crack open. I had a lump inside the lip as big as a say a bean. As I continue to Slap my mouth and my whole face area, my lips no longer bleed and crack open, and the lump is only as big as a sesame seed, even the purple color around the inside of my lips has reduced, my frozen should is gone, neck pain is gone. My ability to squat has improved by 80%, and no longer need to support to do it. I don’t snore like a traitor anymore that’s what my cellmate tells me. My body’s weight has reduced from 135kg to 105kg. Even the dark spots and varicose veins on the back of my hands are gone.

But the most significant thing about PaidaLajin for me is not the physical healing, it’s the emotional and spiritual healing and enlightenment. Before meeting Hongchi Xiao and learning PaidaLajin, I was in a dark place, feeling the pressures of prison. I lost all hope for life, so I was also in a very dark place emotionally. But the light found me. The pain of PaidaLajin was my light. While my mind tends to drift off into the thoughts of the past and future, my body exist only in the present moment. My mind was full of fears and worries, but the pain and healing crisis caused by PaidaLajin would instantly draw me back to the body, to the present moment, and all my energy will automatically focus on my diseases and heal. So pain and diseases are no longer my enemy, but my alley. The pain-activated energy make my frozen heart warm again. It makes me rediscover an internal sense of wholeness I found a strength and belief in myself I thought was none existent. In one word: I found my authentic self through the practice of PaidaLajin self-healing. And this became the answer to all my suffering. My emotions started to change. I was becoming more self aware. I was not only becoming enlightened physically, but also spiritually. I was becoming mystically absorbed in the mystery experience of life. I was starting to enjoy my life even though I was in prison. I was experiencing my own form of paradise. I realized all my suffering was because of my frozen heart, as my spirit and soul were lost in the dream made by mind. They were missing the warmth of light inside me. PaidaLajin woke me up from the dream y bringing in and lighting up the light inside me.What an activation of self-healing! What a resonance of light and frequency.

I have now realized the more I practice PaidaLajin, the more I love myself, the warmer my heart became. I started to forgive myself and respect myself. I was changing before my own eyes. I was improving spiritually, mentally and physically daily. And the pain of PaidaLajin was my cure. It was changing my world of prisons to my own paradise It was a a feeling of freedom and liberation. But the my another experience was more satisfying. It was seeing the effect of PaidaLajin was having not only on me but also on other inmates. For example, Hung Pham, another Vietnamese who had suffered lower back pain for years, self healed himself with PaidaLajin, not only was his pain gone, but also he got heavy detox from his addiction issues. And he still practices PaidaLajin with me everyday. Derrick Washington, who suffered from bad headache self healed himself with slapping twice only, he has also become a ritual slapper everyday. A newer member to our group is Derren Ryan, whose hair on top used to be bald like a cue ball, but it’ like a rain forest of Brazil after slapping daily. He is now working on his knees and foot pain. More people come to Xiao and our group members for healing, but we only teach them to heal themselves by PaidaLajin. One day seven people with shoulder pain got healed by PaidaLjin. This is the effect of PaidaLjin for me in my prison Paradise.

When my daughter and wife came to visit me after an absence of two months, they could not stop commenting on my changes physically and emotionally. My wife even noticed that the bald path on my head disappeared. Yes, my hair grew back, ad my whole complexion has changed, the redness in my face has returned. I no longer looked painful and clammy as a walking corpse. I’ve also realized the more I practices PaidaLajin, the more energy I have, the less pain I feel. The power in my slapping as a lot stronger, and I can also absorb a lot more intense slapping them when I first started.

I know my energy has greatly increased. And I know PaidaLajin have become a way of life for me in prison and will be part of my life always. All my life I’ve been searching for truth. I’ve been travelling the world for most of my life in 34 countries, experiencing all different types of journeys, but it was through this prison journey I found my authentic self. I suddenly realized that the real and inner purpose of coming to prison for me is to meet Master Xiao and find PaidaLajin self-healing. Through prison I found PaidaLajin, and therefore I found myself. And I found paradise. I now stay true to myself I do my best to be impeccable with my worlds. I attempt to ever take anything personally and never make assumptions about anybody. This is what PaidaLajin self-healing has done for me, and it made me aware of my inner-self, and thus transformed my prison into paradise.

So in this place called prison, most of us are experiencing different levels of sadness, despair, fear and stress. This is what makes us suffer in all the forms of prison: physical prison, bodily prison, and emotional prison. But it is exactly from the darkness of prison that I found my true light. And it is also in the prison that i truly experience the feeling of joy, gratitude and respect. And all this happened because of PaidaLajin self-healing.

I am not saying I am all healed and cured of my sickness and suffering. I am a long way off. But I can say I am on the mend, and I have found a wonderful tool for transformation. This is how and why I can transform my prison into my paradise.

So like me, you may have your own prison in different forms, whether it’s a physical, medical or emotional prison, you may certainly transform your prison into your paradise by practicing PaidaLajin self-healing.

Srebre Ordun Tororoski (aka Steve)
A friend and brother in prison-paradise