I, Derrick Washington (MIN: #603938), came to Long Bay Correction Center on May 4, 2018, when I got to Long Bay Correctional Center, I was having headache pain. I was asking the nurse for pain killers for my headache. I was taking pain killers for about a week and the pain would still come back.

One day when I was in the yard, I saw an inmate slapping himself on the inner side of his elbow. I went over to him and asked him what and why are you doing this. He told me, this is for self healing. It’s a method that he does every day and it heals the body. He tole me to try this method for 30 minutes every day and you should have no more headaches.

I try this method for a couple of days and I have no more headache. It worked. This inmate Hongchi Xiao also told me, he wrote a book on self-healing. He let me read this book and it changed the way I look at medicine. Until now I still do his method every day and have not had a headache since.

It has been three weeks since I had any medicine.

Yours Sincerely,
Derrick Washington