My name is Su Chen Cheng (MIN#574655). I am a 34 year old Taiwanese. I am also Hongchi Xiao’s cellmate here at Long Bay Correctional Center.

I came to know PaidaLajin through Mr Xiao’s teachings. I asked my family to mail three books written by Mr. Xiao and I have read all of them. Before practicing PaidaLajin I was suffering from severe insomnia. It often took me 3~4 hours to get to sleep and on many occasions I was unable to get to sleep at all.

I had been also suffering from a bad case of hemorrhoids for several years. Each time I went to the toilet, I would experience bleeding, severe pain in my anus, and discomfort. The nurse consulted with me and took a sample of my blood for testing, of which no result to date I have received.

Since November 2017, Mr. Xiao and I practiced slapping on ourselves for 30 minutes daily, alternating slap locations each time. After 4~5 months doing this Paida technique, I discovered that I no longer had problems passing stool, and the pain from my hemorrhoids was no longer present. I came to the conclusion that I was healed from practicing Mr. Xiao’s teachings because I did not take any kind of meditation for my condition.

I have also noticed that it only takes less than on hour now for me to fall asleep, instead of 3~4 hours. I give him full credit for my healing and am so blessed and grateful he has taught me this PaidaLajin techniques.

I can solemnly declare that PaidaLajin works and has great healing power and benefits.

Su Chen Cheng