With a firm belief and superior power of action, I was reborn after I learned the PaidaLajin self-healing method.

I used to have severe sub-health symptoms. I am 5.4ft tall, but weighed 185 lbs. Most of the excessive fat were accumulated on my upper body, especially in the abdomen. My legs on the contrary were long and skinny. There were color spots all over my face. For example, my forehead appeared dark, my cheeks were covered by two large butterfly shaped color spots. No matter how often I washed my face, it always had a dirty looking. No one except me understood my own pain and bitterness. I was suffered from constipation, swelling body, sleeping disorder, and kidney deficiency.  I felt so confused, distressed, and hopeless!

After I learned PaidaLajin, I enrolled myself to a workshop on June 10th and joined the mutual Paida activities. I saw a light of hope after seeing a series of changes happened to me. So I started to do carpet-bombing Paida on myself at home. Meantime, I was able to share the news of my losing 11 lbs after doing the Paida on my belly, which was what I longed for.

At home, I started with the common region’s daily Paida and later moved to the center of my belly where Guanyuan acupoint is located for half an hour. To be honest, during the initial Paida on the abdomen, I vaguely felt pain and heard sounds of water “clam dangling” swaying in my stomach, felt hard lumps as well. I thought it was the water I drank everyday. Later, I learned the reason why I had so much “muddy water” inside of me was caused by an accumulation of wastes and congested Qi over the period of time.

One of my Paida pals shared that she was the “Farting Queen” in her house everyday. Unfortunately, I hadn’t experienced passing gas except for sweating crazily and seeing Sha. But I knew that quantitative changes would lead to qualitative changes, and also from the subtle changes in my body, I firmly believed that Paida will definitely help me!

June 26th was the day that I witnessed the miracle. After receiving a moxibustion treatment at my friend’s house, my friend did Paida on my back along the Bladder Meridians, and I did Paida on my belly button area briefly before I went home.

When I was waiting for a bus, I felt that there was gas congestion in the chest. I realized it was a healing reaction. I didn’t care if it was disgraceful to do Paida in public eyes. I started to slap the Zhongwan acupoint (between my chest and belly button) very hard. While I was doing this, I burped and passed gas non-stop, and the sound of burping was extremely loud. The whole reaction lasted for about 20 minutes. I was the only one who felt the great comfort and fun. I finally saw the results that I desired for!

The next day, I focused on Paida five acupoints on my belly (Zhongwan, Shenjue, Guanyuan, Daimai and Dantian) and groins for half an hour on each area.  When I slapped groins for the first time, it felt like an inhuman torture – as if shot by thousands of arrows, I sweat crazily, but I enjoyed seeing the artwork of surged Sha. I was tough and had super strong tolerance of pain. I didn’t show much mercy on myself. When I slapped the outer legs where the Gall Bladder Meridians run through, the pain wasn’t that much intense as I felt on the groins. I slapped on each region as hard as possible. The Paida sound scared my husband away, he couldn’t stand seeing me to self-abuse any more.

I slapped each region for at least half an hour. Every day I focused on my belly, plus 2-3 common regions. Starting from one hour, I extended my Paida duration to four hours each day.

I was doing PaidaLajin as my daily homework, enjoying the various PaidaLajin positions. For instance, sometimes, I would split my legs in a Y-Shape by lying down on the Tatami mattress, Paida my belly while completing the Y-Shaped Lajin; sometimes, I would Paida the Shenjue point (Bellybutton) while kneeling; sometimes, I would Paida the inner legs while sitting with two soles of my feet facing each other, enjoying the joy of stretching the Living Meridians, Stomach Meridians and Spleen Meridians at the same time.

Every day, I was amazed to see how much sweat I got out of my body. Sweat from the elbows, armpits, knee caps, kneepits, and the hair, I was soaked in my own sweat, totally detoxified. The sweat dropped on the ground, after one night’s evaporation at a room temperature of over 86 F was found still visible, not watery, but oily.

People started to notice the changes in my appearance. The color spots on my face were shrinking and disappearing. I no longer frequently urinate. I was in better mood with more determination of practicing PaidaLajin. Any time when I slapped any parts of my body, I could hear Qi was growling inside. As a result, I kept burping and farting. My husband complained that my farts affected his sleep.

Here was my morning get-up symphony – A very loud and long fart welcomes the arrival of a new day! Much more: there was a flow of gas in the stomach that constantly squat into my chest, and it was very different from the gas that I burped out. It stayed in my chest, very comfortable! When I touched my belly, I no longer felt lumps. When I slapped my belly, no more drum sound like before, it became solid slapping sound from my palm and belly. I was able to slap really hard with little Sha coming out at the end.  

My other unexpected harvests from the perseverant Paida include spitting out lots of phlegms which were hard and yellow, disappearance of the two hard lumps behind my ears; shrinking of the swollen thyroid; and having a good control on my appetite.

Whenever I ate any cold food that was taken out from the refrigerator without obeying the eating rules, my body would punish me with great discomfort.

As far as the ginger tea, I didn’t notice any effects in the first two months. But ten days ago, when I increased the dose of ginger roots (ingredients: 200 gram of dried ginger, 30 red dates, homemade brown sugar), and also ate all the ginger and red dates,  something incredible happened to me: Sweat rushed out as if every pore in my body was open to air. I was burping and passing gas at the same time. After finishing up all the ginger tea, I was soaked wet. My body was expelling the cold qi and dampness constantly from 8:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

The day before yesterday, an Australian friend who suffered from rheumatoid arthritis for a long time came to visit me. When he saw my transformations (weight loss, rosy skin, completely disappeared color spots on my face), he exclaimed the magic power of Paida, willingly let me slap his elbows until he saw lots of Sha coming out. He then did Paida on his own elbows and knee joints in the balcony. His girlfriend repeatedly explain Paida to him while reading through blog articles. And I listened to the wonderful slapping music in the kitchen while preparing the dinner. After dinner, my friend fell into asleep on the sofa around 7 o’clock. My son and his girlfriend spent half an hour waking him up, who was in deep sleep for three hours. The first words he said to us when opening his eyes were: I have never had such a sound sleep like this at home!

No pain, no gain. I lost 26.5 lbs in just one month, am able to sleep through night for at least eight hours without urination. My big belly troubled me for over ten years, now completely disappeared. No more color spots on my face. Daily Paida allows me to say Bye-bye to the color spots, excessive fat, kidney deficiency and many other sub-health symptoms.

Please note: This case is based on personal experiences. It does not mean that mimicking the Paida and Lajin in the same way will produce the same healing effects for everyone. The PaidaLajin self-healing method is a way of healthy lifestyle. It is not a substitute for medical treatments.