Editor’s Comment: The author is a pedicure expert and a pedicure trainer. She has a deep understanding on various external treatment methods and has perseverance in doing things. Her experience in dealing with healing reactions during her Lajin practice was intensive and profound. Thanks to her good habit of record-keeping on her mobile phone, she was able to summarize her records and share them with the public. “Extending the Jin (tendons) by one inch will prolong life by ten years.” Lajin is a health-care exercise that requires persistence. Thanks to this practitioner’s wonderful sharing.

By Purple Autumn Chrysanthemum

My name is Purple Autumn Chrysanthemum. I started Lajin exercises after I received a Lajin bench in October, 2009. At the beginning, I could only stretch each leg once a day for two minutes.  I remember how I consoled myself at that time: I own the bench, so no rush. I can take baby steps to improve myself.

Then I stretched four minutes a day for a while, felt some changes in my body: I was in a better mood and my body was not as stiff as before. Half a month later, I suddenly smelled ammonia in my breath, and the smell became noticeably stronger. So I inhaled with my mouth and exhaled with my nose. It took more than 40 minutes before the ammonia smell slowly receded. Meantime, I felt my chest was not that much tight any more.

The next day, I felt that the intestines in my tummy kept squirming during Lajin. I started to pass gas (fart) nonstop. By the end of the day, I felt great because my abdomen became soft. I was on a business trip at the end of October, thus I stopped Lajin for a while.

On December 3, 2009, I attended a TV program hosted by Liaoning TV station as one of the audiences. I was fortunate to eye witness those old folks improving their bending over after ten minute’s Lajin. I was ashamed by comparing to them.

So I started twenty-minute’s Lajin for each leg on December 5, 2009. The pain was unbearable. But as long as I held back the pain of the highest peak, I was able to endure it! I felt this was similar to boiling water – water has to reach 100 degrees to boil! If I gave up earlier, it would take forever to reach the “boiling point” which was my goal. Each day I stretched both legs for 40 minutes. It was hard to bear it, but I could see the daily progresses as I recorded them on my mobile phone’s App.

On December 10, 2009, I carefully observed some subtle changes that occured to me. I used to be sensitive to hot and cold. Now I felt that I was not afraid of hot or cold. My sleep quality was improved. The number of nighttime urination was reduced, and my fingers were softer and more flexible than before. The lower abdomen seemed to be a little smaller than before, and I could taste my food now. My spirit was uplifted.

Looking back, I’ve experienced the following changes.

After doing Lajin for ten days, I changed my attitude from passive Lajin to active Lajin.

After doing Lajin for twenty days, I induced my old illness. I was seriously sick in 2000. The whole abdominal cavity adhesion was caused by the intestine torsion (intestinal obstruction). The hospital refused to treat me without a surgery. (I didn’t undergo the surgery), instead, used acupuncture, Qigong and pedicure to partially cure this problem, but my stomach ache continued.

After doing Lajin for twenty-five days, I noticed changes in my bowel movements. I used to be constipated, but on that day I had a soft, one-foot-long oily stool! My tummy was softer. 10 days later since then, I began to have stools once a day, compared to once in every three days before.

After doing Lajin for twenty-six days, I felt quite lazy and sleepy! I knew I had a lot of sleep to make up.

After the New Year’s Day of 2010, 6 or 7 small bumps appeared on my body. They were scattered from the lower abdomen to my left ribs. Some were as big as wheat, some were as small as mung beans. I felt no pain or itchiness. On the fifth day, small granular lipomas appeared. I squeezed the stuff out and the skin became flat, as good as usual. No pain was felt. I knew that was the body’s automatic detoxification.

After doing Lajin for thirty days, my right shoulder and arm began to aching very badly. In 2005, I suffered from scapulohumeral periarthritis, and it wasn’t healed until half a year later! Now the pain was back, I knew this was part of the healing reactions.

After doing Lajin for 45 days, I felt good and the pain gradually alleviated. I used to wake up at night, and now I was able to sleep through the night. Because I was going through some healing reactions for many days, I felt sore all over my body. Now the pain disappeared. I lengthened my Lajin time to 40 minutes for each leg and started to do Lajin twice a day.

After doing Lajin for 50 days, I exhaled with ammonia smell again. It was not as strong as the previous one, but this time I analyzed it was because I was upset for something! It is so true that all problems are originated from the Heart.

I used to have cracks on my heels during the winter. After doing Lajin for 70 days, I noticed there weren’t any cracks on my heels. Both heels were very delicate and smooth. In fact, the skin of my whole body was smoother than before. I could still feel my left leg hurting during meditating, because I got rheumatoid arthritis in my left knee when I was 20. The problem might have lasted too long. I recently went to Beijing for a bone setting treatment and acupuncture treatment. The pain in my knees and hip bones disappeared.

In addition to the above-mentioned Lajin process, I still have some self-reflections to share with you:

1. Previously my lips were flat, and there was no outline between the red lips. Now I have it. The color spot on my lower lip is also lighter.

2, I used to have secretions coming out of my belly button. They were smelly and sticky. I had to  clean my belly button regularly with cotton swabs when I was little, and later with body powder. The secretions are no longer stinky now.

3, My ears used to hurt badly. When I washed my face, I didn’t dare to touch them. Now I feel no more pain when I so so.

My greatest Lajin experience is that Lajin will have a variety healing reactions, especially somel old illnesses may be induced during the healing progress. My own experiences have showed that the stronger the reactions are, the better the healing effects of old diseases are. I thought I was healed until I started to do Lajin, until then I discovered the roots of my old illnesses were not removed completely. Lajin actually removed the roots of my problems.