Editor’s Comment: During seven year’s PaidaLajin practice, the author has gone through some unique ups and downs, from seeing quick healing results at the beginning to dealing with healing crisis in the recent two years. She often asks herself: I practice PaidaLajin everyday, why I still can’t be completely healthy? Her question is an excellent one. Many people might have already given up if they were in her shoes, but she didn’t, instead, she learned a lot from the whole healing process.

By Qingqing

This is my seventh year of doing PaidaLajin. I was asked to share my experience with everyone. Hope you will benefit from my story.

I am 53 years old. I had a gynecological surgery eleven years ago, had my uterus removed. After the surgery, I blindly ate a lot of tonic by following the mainstream popular views on health maintenance. I was ignorant at that time, but now I know that those intake supplements actually caused deficiency in my liver and kidneys, poor function in spleen and stomach. As a result, I gained weight by more than 20 kilograms, and suffered from insomnia, fatigue, lack of energy. My whole face was full of chloasma, my skin was slacking, and I felt like an old lady, aged a lot.

I was in such a bad shape, felt like that I was going to die at any moment. My doctor told me that I should be patient to get my health back. I was reluctant to try any Chinese medicine, so I tried some external treatments, such as cupping, moxibustion, and Guasha (scraping one’s skin). Anyway, they were effective but took too long to show the effects. On May 17, 2013, I came across PaidaLajin on Weibo (a Chinese website similar to Twitter). That date becomes memorable to me because I believed PaidaLajin would be a unusual good method of self-healing.

I added master Xiao as my friend on Weibo, and often asked him for advice. I am a serious learner. After I read all the cases on master Xiao’s blog, I finally understood the principle of PaidaLajin, that all diseases are caused by the blockage of meridians. The more serious the blockage is, the more serious the illnesses are. Unblocking the blocked meridians heals. My eyes suddenly widely open, what a treasure! I took actions immediately, began my PaidaLajin journey.

Starting from the universal regions, I did Paida not Lajin. The pain was unbearable. I can still recall the painful shootings from the first time Paida. I bit my teeth to do Paida every day on the universal regions, wherever I slapped, there were lumps of “blue” sha. I never stopped slapping on one area until I no longer felt the pain. I slept very well on the days of Paida, and seemed to be able to make up the time from insomnia I had before. I was going through some healing reactions. At that time, I spent most of my time doing the Paida, at most 5 or 6 hours a day. One week later, the healing effects were very noticable. My families noticed my changes. I felt that I was reborn. My whole spirit uplifted as well.

So I started to introduce PaidaLajin to the people around me. Both my mom and sisters joined me to do PaidaLajin. At that time, my mother was suffering from a mild cerebrovascular, so I did Paida on her during the daytime, averagely two hours per day, sometimes four to five hours a day. After I went back home, I would continue slapping myself. I used my hands so much that my palms cracked on the skin.

After more than a month of Paida, my mom’s mild cerebrovascular was healed. She used to take 7 to 8 pills at a time, three times a day. After doing the Paida, she dropped her medication to one antihypertensive drug a day (I shared two articles about my mother’s case before).

The color spots on my face disappeared, and my weight dropped sharply by 10 kilograms. In the past, cycling more than 20 miles to my mom’s place was a difficult task, but I was able to ride bike to her house every day. When my daughter returned home from summer vacation and saw a new me, she exclaimed that her mother was back to yough.

I am an introverted person. I have almost never had others to slap me, only in a few occasions I asked my family members to help me with Paida. Therefore, most of Paida I did on myself was on the universal regions.  I slapped anywhere I could reach. If I couldn’t, I then just Paida the universal regions. As master Xiao stresses the importance of Paida the universal regions, which I think is an essence of Paida, I often share this view to my PaidaLajin friends. Among the universal regions, I especially like to Paida the inner elbows. It was my daily routine to start the inner elbows first before slapping other areas of my body. I was happy to do Paida every day.

I was out of control to some people, because I bought a Lajin bench to practice stretching. At the beginning, I could only stretch for one minute. Gradually, I was able to extend to twenty minutes for each leg with some ankle weights on my legs. When I was on the Lajin bench, I liked to meditate, which I believe had great effects to the healing. I also bought a standing Lajin board. Compared to not being able to stand on the board at all to twenty minutes on the second gear, I can’t help thinking one’s potential to self-healing is endless. I also do the meditative jogging when the weather is warm. Although I am always scared of running, I find meditative jogging for one hour is very relaxing, it makes me feel good.

PaidaLajin becomes part of my life. I practice it daily, from two to four or five hours every day. I was addicted to PaidaLajin, can’t live without it. I broke several Paida tools due to frequent use of them. My husband and daughter admire my perseverance.

However, I started to face a series of health issues two years ago, which greatly affected my confidence in PaidaLajin: two years ago, I had lumbar intervertebral protrusions, cataracts, hair loss, body weight loss, severe lack of blood supply. When I had checkups in hospital, I was told nothing went wrong. I was puzzled, why am I still having so many health problems even when I actively practice PaidaLajin. Is PaidaLajin useful or useless?

I thought it over and over, and finally came to a conclusion: PaidaLajin won’t induce new diseases. I need to dig in the root problems of my current situation. I was pondering on one question: Why are my qi and blood insufficient? A teacher of original point treatment told me to increase the amount of ginger to the “ginger red dates soup” will improve qi and blood supply. I disliked ginger, therefore, when I cooked the soup, I didn’t add much ginger. Now I increased ginger to a point that my mouth felt spicy hot. Here is how I prepare the ginger red dates soup: use a casserole to boil the ginger for more than 2 hours, then add the dates and brown sugar,cook it with low temperature for as long as possible. I usually drink one batch for 2 days. Those who have no time to boil the soup for long time can use a thermal mug to soak boiled ginger red dates soup overnight, and then bring it to work the next day.

Everyday after I get up, I would drink one cup of ginger red dates soup before eating breakfast. My breakfast also included one boiled egg which was soaked in the ginger soup for an overnight. In the past, because the amount of ginger was not enough in the soup I drink, when my PaidaLajin time duration was long and the PaidaLajin intensity was strong, my body wasn’t able to keep up the energy needed, therefore, it started to have those setback reactions. From my own experience, I would like to stress the importance of ginger red dates soup.

After increasing the amount of ginger in the soup, I continued PaidaLajin and increased the intensity of PaidaLajin, especially along the bladder meridians. My lower back pain was noticeably improved. It was really a fast fix. My back is pretty much healed. I had some improvement in treating the cataract after I slapped around my eyes, but the effect is not very obvious yet, so I will continue the Paida.

In addition, I was diagnosed with high blood pressure, thyroid nodules half a year ago. My body continues to malfunction. I am constantly reflecting myself. Master Xiao said that PaidaLajin is just one of ways to dredge blocked meridians. The key to heal is to regulate one’s Heart and solve the problem from the source. Looking back, six months ago, my daughter was preparing her wedding. There were a lot of things going on before and after. I was highly stressed out because of my strong attitude of pursuing perfection. I learned that if one can’t manage one’s emotions, their bodies will teach them a lesson. As one Chinese old saying goes, diseases can be healed, but life can not be saved. No better treatments can help you if you are full of anxiety. If you want to be healthy, you must constantly adjust your mindset.

So I began to learn to let go, no matter what happened, I tried to be calm. When I was upset, I would slap my elbows to ease my emotions, do more yoga meditation, read classics, cultivate my soul and body. Consequently, I am occupied by fewer wandering thoughts. I think my high blood pressure is sort of like a healing reaction, because the medicine wouldn’t help, after I slapped the bladder and the gallbladder meridians, my blood pressure dropped immediately. The thyroid nodule is also a healing reaction to me, because during the Paida, its size has been in a sway of growing and shrinking. I am continuing working on it, will report back to you later.

Since I practiced PaidaLajin, people in my family have rarely been to the hospital. My husband once had a fever of nearly 40 degrees, and I slapped his elbows and Dazhui acupoint for about 2 hours. Although he had fever that night, his body temperature was completely normal in the next morning. We call it a miracle.

My daughter has wisdom teeth. She has been taking pain relief pills since college. After she graduated from the school, she slapped her inner elbows and the Hegu acupoint (in the back of one’s hand). It took more than two hours to get over the pain, and then the pain rarely returns.

Once my son-in-law had food poison. He was vomiting and had diarrhea, fever. I slapped his inner elbows and his feet for three hours or so, and then had him to do Lajin for 5 minutes. He was totally fine the next day, whereas his friends who had dinner together with him spent the whole night in the hospital。

My brother-in-law once had gout attack. He couldn’t land his feet on the floor because of the severe pain, the medicine was useless. I slapped his universal regions plus the Dazhui acupoints for about four hours. He then did Lajin for 20 minutes. He was fine the next day.

I have to mention one side effect of PaidaLajin, which is beautifying one’s skin and controlling one’s weight. I am one of the beneficiaries. Thanks to PaidaLajin, I felt young again. My classmates and friends have complimented that I have not changed for many years. Please take a look at my two photos. The first one was taken 15 years ago. The second one was taken just now.

My understanding on having a young looking is that PaidaLajin increases the blood circulation, the healthy cells in the regenerative blood are mobilized, diseases are healed and the aging is delayed. It confirms the saying that evil wind ceases if qi and blood flows smoothly. As long as you stick to PaidaLajin and keep up with time duration, strength, and energy, it will definitely work.

The biggest problem our humanity facing is diseases and aging. PaidaLajin has good effects on the problem. This is my testimony of seven years’ practicing PaidaLajin. I will continue PaidaLajin, and look forward to another seven years to prove its effectiveness. I am very grateful to learn this method. Thanks also to our teachers and coaches of Fangyuan Health, and thank you for your love!