This exercise boosts strengthen one’s kidney qi (energy) – when practicing it, your waist, kidneys and entire spine will warm up within a few minutes. People all over the world have learned to do this exercise. It is called Tie Qiang Gong in Chinese, used to be a secret exercise for internal martial artists to loosen their waists. Tie Qiang Gong is easy to practice yet very effective in health.

Let’s watch how the master level practitioner does the Tie Qiang Gong.

Find a wall, face the wall squatting down then standing up daily. You will be amazed that health problems like lower back and leg pain, hair loss, insomnia, constipation, ect. can be healed completely.


  1. Stand facing a wall or a door. Set your feet shoulders width apart.
  2. Touch the tip of your nose and toes to the wall/door.
  3. Slowly squat down, keeping your nose against the wall/door.
  4. Go all the way down until your legs are bent and folded together.
  5. Hug your legs with your arms.
  6. Slowly stand up, keeping your nose against the wall/door.
  7. Repeat the same exercise.


This exercise looks easy but rather difficult to those who are weak in kidney qi to execute. So begin cautiously. Beginners are most likely to fall back when they squat down. You can move your feet away from the wall/door one foot long or so to start with for balance. Make sure your spine is straight and your body is stable.

It’s recommended you do it in multiple of nine (such as nine, eighteen, twenty-four, thirty-six, etc.) There is no limit.