I’m just able to logged in my gmail account since I ‘ve been living in China, accompanying my parents who were very sick, indeed my mom passed away a month ago, so I just read this email today. Thank you Donald for sharing MX’s latest info. and so happy to see all the caring and warm words from PL friends in the world.
I would like to share a little bit of my father’s story with PL. My daddy had severe sciatic pain. He couldn’t move for a period of time. His feet were very numb. I did paida on his bottom and legs whenever I can. The most painful spot on his bottom were broken twice, lot of blood came out. After I left home, my brother has been continuing do paida on him. Now My daddy who is 82 can walk around, do house work, take care of himself. PL is truly wonderful and a treasure for people’s health!
MX saved so many people’s life and let them live with quality. He should’t be sentenced into prison! I pray he can come out of the prison very soon!!!
Thank you Master Xiao!
Yezi Cai