We were just copied on the following testimonials emailed to HCCC Australia. We thank you for your support.


I am writing from Fiji Islands. The enclosed photo is of my Lajin bed, made for me by a local man. During the day, i spend 10-20 minutes relaxing on this bed, stretching out my muscles and clearing my meridians. My husband uses it, too. So do friends. It is self-healing. Men are improving their e.d. and reducing their bodily aches and pains. Women, their personal problems, body problems and pains. Everyone is feeling more energetic and focused. I am walking better and easier. This self-healing system meets 6 criteria which the allopathic or health industry does not.

  1. It has great effect.
  2. Simple-learn in one minute
  3. Safe-no side effects.
  4. Heals many different maladies
  5. Free to perform
  6. Shareable

Perhaps you know of someone who would benefit from a system which meets all these criteria. Perhaps yourself? It is online. It can be learned by reading and watching videos. Unfortunately the medical industry does not like Paida lajin because if many people take to it, they will lose patients whom they prefer to keep perpetually unwell since a well person no longer pays them money. That’s called a scam. I have never paid a cent to Master Xiao and gotten so much free information from the kindness of his heart and the hearts of his many supporters. How many peoples’ lives have been destroyed by the pharmaceutical industry? How many patients die every day, world-wide, by wrong diagnose and wrong treatment? How many families and lives are destroyed by continuous medications, therapies, surgeries and ultimately bankruptcy? The doctors responsible go home to their families and fat bank accounts, fancy houses and cars, falsely blaming the deaths on the presenting condition, ignoring the myriad of  side effects produced by the medications given so copiously by them. Yet Master Xiao was singled out to incarcerate for seven long years supposedly because one person, whilst trying the system, happened to die. The hypocrisy is overwhelming. We are not blind. They were just waiting for this. Death comes to everyone and sometimes it appears to be linked to circumstances yet even a healthy person can suddenly die. What to speak of a person on the verge of death. When it’s time to die, you die. Only one person dead out of thousands of people using Paida lajin with success. No other system i am aware of has a success rate like this. So, many people are really very envious of him and just waiting to try to take him down. Master Xiao’s arrest, trial and verdict was truly a travesty of justice. Hearing about it, i was totally shocked and incredulous. It’s really a conspiracy, a scam and an attack against all free people (who, by necessity, are forced to take their health matters into their own hands), by the greedy, selfish, hateful industry. It makes Australian leaders appear to be negligent or corrupt. i have seen a number of honest and good peoples’ successful health businesses ruined by corrupt leaders, who are controlled by the medical industry. I have heard of quite a few honest and good people in the healing field being murdered and suicided for alerting others about military, corporate and government aggression against the people. Actually i am very upset. This has to stop. 

What we are asking, is for us to be allowed to live. WE WANT TO LIVE. And we want to live healthy, free lives. Thus we would sincerely appreciate the immediate release of Master Xiao, who does not deserve to be in jail even for one minute. He is good and honest and cares for everyone…even you. This will be a highly beneficial act for yourself, your country, people all over the world, and him. Thank you for your kind attention to this request. Thank you for choosing health, truth, love, honor and freedom instead of disease, lies, hate, condemnation and subjection to the demonic agenda. 

God be with you. Ms. Devi Dasi


Dear M. Kelly,
Give paida and lajin a try – what are you afraid of?  Are you afraid to discover that hidden inside of you might be some inkling of sickness before
diagnostic tools can give you ‘numbers’ confirming that you have a disease (aka blocked meridian)?
It works.  Give it a try before you are too quick to judge if it is dangerous or not.  Maybe you are afraid of pain?  Don’t be. You are in the  driver’s seat.  You control what you can tolerate.  You are the master of your own health.  Take charge now.
It works!!!  Once I was skeptical, but once I tested on myself, I know it is a blessing to humanity at this trying time in our lives.  The world needs healing and what Master Xiao has resurrected – a healing modality of traditional Chinese medicine – is a humanity first initiative that will benefit all of the world.
Sometimes the SIMPLEST things yield the biggest bang with great results BUT people refuse to believe – they want to
keep popping pills and filling their bodies with toxins leading to more diseases.  12 plus 2 ‘highways’ to clear up in your
body – that’s all.  How hard can that be?  Best of all, it is free and you get out of it what you put into it to self heal.
Wake up people.  We are blessed that Master Xiao has taken the time to reintroduce some healing therapy deeply rooted in TCM to the masses so that they can heal themselves.  All of this for FREE!!!!

I support Master Xiao and his work.  He should not be imprisoned. 
Let the man speak and free him so that he can continue to share this with the rest of the world.
Regards from all the way across the oceans in Vancouver, BC, Canada,


I cannot testify regarding what happened with Mr. Xiao, in Australia, and the sad death of the boy involved. I can only provide my own testimony on the efficacy of Paida/Lajin.
I was in an accident in 1986, that fractured my hip in 19 places. There were 13 pins and plates installed. I did not walk for a year. After therapy, I lived for the next 29 years in states that varied between discomfort to debilitating pain. I finally had a hip replacement in 2016. In those nearly 30 years, my lower spine curved to compensate for the difference in my leg lengths caused by the injury. The Lajin (tendon stretching) exercise has been a life saver for me in my healing process. My spine is slowly straightening. My back pain has disappeared completely. I practice Lajin every single day for continuous, ongoing spinal alignment and overall improved body flexibility.  
By the way, my wife is an experienced (23 yrs) Cardiac / ICU nurse at Stanford University Hospital, California, and also practices Lajin every morning. She used to use a knee brace on both knees every day since we met in 2006, as her work involves miles of walking on hard hospital floors. Since practicing Lajin, my wife no longer uses the knee brace. She would not go a day without practicing the exercise called, Lajin.

She is less inclined to practice the Paida, because it hurts. I, however, am not frightened by pain, if I can see it is promoting a beneficial effect. 
So, I understand that Paida is the aspect of this process that frightens people. My experience, however, has been nothing short of remarkable. When I began using Paida (to slap) my heart/lung meridians (inner elbows), deep black marks (“Sha’) appeared. According to Paida/lajin, this is an indication of severe toxins being removed from the blood and brought to the surface of the skin for release through the pores. As I continued to Paida, these deep, black-purple marks would disappear completely after 30-45 minutes of slapping, being released as ‘rusty looking stains’ on the palm of the hand I was slapping with. On some occasions, there was also a strange odor associated with it. What is this odour? Why would “bruises” disappear the more you impacted them with slaps? Because they are not bruises. These bruise-like marks (that ‘miraculously’ disappear) are indications of toxins in the blood, called “Sha.”
I’ve been practicing Paida since July 2019, and the emergence of “‘Sha” has reduced to zero from my inner left elbow, and continues to be reduced dramatically from my right. These toxins would eventually have manifested into some disease or the other, and this Paida practice is helping to remove these toxins from my body. 
I don’t actually expect a doubtful, already made up mind to believe my words, but I have the photographs to prove the efficacy of Paida. I have photographs (taken every 5 minutes) of the entire process of Sha appearing and disappearing during Paida sessions, over a 7 month period. If you are truly interested to learn the truth that Paida works, and you have not already “decided” that it doesn’t, please respond to this letter requesting my own testimonial pictures, and I will provide them forthwith.
Yours sincerely,

Geoffrey Gomes
San Jose, California


My name is  Vasile Mihacea and I live in Montreal, Canada and I want
to testify in favor of Master Xiao
   I have been using Paida Lajing since 2017, since I have had
coronary heart problems and I can say, I can confess that it works and
it is a good method to cure cardiovascular problems of high blood
pressure, urinary problems, etc. and to improve mental health.,that
PaidaLajin is not dangerous and  work very well

Vasile Mihacea

 I  have used this technique of Paida Lajin in the last few months. With  Paida we see the marks as we slap and it brings relief of pain and a  swelling and sensitivity under the left armpit subsided.

Also  I recently acquired a Standing Lajin Board and used it during a series  of talks in a predominantly male environment (given the benefit for  Prostate health also). I was asked to give talks on Nutrition and  Wellness and used the board to demonstrate the effects of aging and the  level of flexibility being experienced or diminishing. There was much  excitement and challenge among those who could or could not stand  upright. Since then, one of them has started to regularly exercise.  .

Two  other men stood on the board at separate locations for less than 10  seconds and saw relief from nagging back pains they were having. Even I  was amazed, that it could happen so fast. That week concluded with many  orders for the board.

In  addition, persons are not encouraged to give up medication unless  directed by their doctor. This has to be done with their doctor's  knowledge or them being informed, whether or not they believe in it's  working and function on the body.

Patricia Fletcher MSc. Registered Nutritionist, 
Corporate Wellness & Lifestyle Consultant 
The Health Profit Group/The Healthy Lifestyle Clinic  
28 Haining Road, Kingston 5, Jamaica