Dear PaidaLajin Friends,

We are all shocked by the tragedy in India: the sharp increase in number, in both infection, and death caused by Covid-19. To be more specific, many deaths are caused by a lack of oxygen. This is why I am writing this open letter to you. I want to tell you so that you can tell your Indian friends that PaidaLajin (PL) can easily increase the oxygen in addition to alleviating other symptoms of Covid-19, such as breathing difficulty, vomiting, nausea, rash, diarrhea and cardiovascular symptoms, etc.

To make my point more clear and straight, I would first quote a case study from my old article “Revelations on My Journey to India”. Interestingly and ironically, this case happened in India, and it was exactly about the “lack of oxygen”. Here it is”

“The most dramatic story happened on the day before our departure. Chokaravarsky, a gentleman who was actively involved in organizing my PaidaLajin lectures in India last year, just returned home after spending some time in ICU in a hospital. It was understood that he had heart failure, suffering from paralysis due to lack of oxygen and cardiopulmonary symptoms. Even if he attempted to walk a few steps an oxygen mask was required. I went to visit him with to PL coaches. ‘I do Paida (slapping) for 15 minutes for each of my elbows every day but why doesn’t it bring out and sha (the detox color) on the skin? And why haven’t I seen any improvement?’ he asked. I suggested that he let the coaches from Beijing slap him on two elbows. As a result, black and red sha appeared under his skin in just two minutes. I then asked them to slap on NeiGuan (an area up a bit on the inner side of the wrist), which brought out the same result; then they slapped on the whole arm, behind and front side of the knees, for up to an hour altogether. I then asked him to stand up and walk, as he had never left his chair since we saw him at his home. At first, he was not confident, however, he was surprised to find it was effortless to walk around the house! He was too stunned to believe what had happened, as his mind was still back in the ICU. He immediately took a desire to measure the oxygen level in his body, which showed a reading of 90 – what a relief! I asked him what the previous reading was, and the answer was 70. He spends so much time in ICU, receiving treatments such as medicines and injections, to no avail. However, one hour of Paid did so much for him! Why? Because the elbows and NeiGuan are where the heart and lung meridians pass through. So Paida heals his conditions of heart and lung. The principle of self-healing is simple: regardless of the disease’s names or symptoms. Do you just need to focus on the meridians by PL. But why didn’t it work when he performed the exercise? It’s because he was too gentle to himself when slapping. If he had done it harder and longer, he would have been healed long ago. But why do people do it softly? Because they are afraid of pain!

Well, it is just as simple as that! I can’t make it complicated by adding more words. As for how and why it works, please refer to m article “Why PaidaLajin Can Heal Covid_19” or my book “Heal Yourself Naturally Now”. Truth cannot be described or explained. It can only be experienced. So the most important step is to DO it. In other words, do the clinical trial. The only requirement for this clinical trial is that you have a Covid-10 infected patient or any related symptoms, and you are willing to do it. If you have a hand, you can certainly do it. If you can find my article “Revelations on My Journey to India”, you may find the photos of doing Paida on Mr. Chokaravarsky, the reading on the device, and even on the oxygen mask used by him.

I hope my Indian student Parag and Mr. Chokaravarsky can read this letter and make a suggestion to the Indian government as soon as possible. Not only can PL help prevent Covid-19, but also helps to heal all the side effects after the medical treatment. If you try it, you will know it and know it instantly.

Yours truly,

HongChi Xiao