The theory of self-healing COVID-19 with Paida (slapping) is quite simple: The new coronavirus infects the lungs and respiratory tract, and the lungs and the heart work together 24 hours a day, so blood and oxygen are exchanged. Therefore, as soon as the lungs are infected with the virus, the heart is also infected, and the virus enters the spleen, stomach, and the whole body through the blood). 

The lung meridian, the cardiac meridian and pericardial meridian are just three meridians run through parallelly on the inner side of the arms, connecting the heart and lungs. Therefore, as long as the elbow socket and the entire inside of the arms are slapped, the Qi energy will rise sharply in the heart and lungs. Wherever the Qi goes, it will automatically decompose any viruses and cells that are harmful to the body.

Sha is the waste formed after Qi dissolved the toxins in the body. It will be excreted along with urine, pores, phlegm, nasal mucus and tears. Symptoms such as hypoxia and dyspnea will disappear immediately after slapping the elbow!!

If time allows, you may slap on all the back of hands, and outside of the entire arms, Dazhui acupoint on the cervical spine, the top of the head and all areas around the knees, the curative effect will be more quickly. Pain and Sha appearing during the Paida indicates that the meridians are blocked, and you should slap more until the pain and Sha goes away gradually.

The Paida intensity is from light to heavy, and the slapping time on each body part should be at least 15 minutes, generally speaking, the longer the better, even one hour can’t be too long. Symptoms such as spitting, redness and swelling, vomiting, itching, diarrhea, drowsiness, palpitation and other symptoms appearing while slapping are all healing reactions which are good signs. If the reactions are strong, you may slap the inner elbow socket and Neiguan areas or take a break before continuing the Paida.

In the early days of the outbreak of COVID-19 in 2020, the Chinese government and Chinese medicine experts used the Paida method in Jiangxia Cabin Hospital, Wuhan, a hospital specializing in the treatment of COVID-19. The one who advocates the Paida method is Dr. Liu Qingquan, an expert from the Central Guidance Group, president of Beijing Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine and president of the Cabin Hospital. The following is an interview report on CCTV’s “My Art List” talk show.

(Liu Qingquan, President of Beijing Hospital of TCM affiliated to the Capital Medical University, jointly with Zhang Boli, an academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, applied for the battle and suggested the intensive participation of TCM treatment at the cabin hospital.  From the preparation and opening of the Cabin Hospital, he took it as home. As an expert of the Central Guidance Group for Hubei Province, the deputy head of the National TCM Medical Treatment Experts Group, and the president of the Cabin Hospital, he was ordered at the critical time of the pandemic and rushed to Wuhan on January 21, 2020, fighting against COVID-19 in the frontline, practicing medicine and helping the people.)

On June 28, 2020, President Liu was invited to Variety Channel’s “My Art List” program of CCTV, Feng Yuanzheng, being a famous movie star also presented. During the interview, Paida was specifically introduced and demonstrated, and the video was edited by netizens and put on the Internet.

Video link:

The dialogue is as follows:

The hostess asked Feng Yuanzheng: What’s this I hear about you doing a self-created health exercise?

Feng Yuanzheng: It’s Paida (slapping), not created by me. Actually, I learned it from a doctor of traditional Chinese medicine.

Hostess: How is that?

Feng Yuanzheng: In fact, it’s to slap on the body parts where you feel pain, mainly the limbs, knees, wrists, and ankles. If you don’t feel well, you can slap. Slapping like this (demonstrating the movements). If you are sick, it will hurt, otherwise it won’t hurt like me. Slapping can draw out Sha (poisoned blood) from the body, similar to acupuncture, or something…

President Liu: This method Yuanzheng practices is called the Meridian Paida Method.

Feng Yuanzheng: Yes.

President Liu: This time in the cabin hospital, I used the meridian Paida technique, for this disease, Covid-19, traditional Chinese medicine believes it lies in the lungs, spleen and stomach. So, I slapped along the lung meridian of Hand-Taiyin and the spleen meridian of Foot-Taiyin. During Paida, there was bleeding and blood stasis, also called Sha, with 90% of the patients (gesturing on the elbow). As soon as the poisoned blood comes out, one feels comfortable.

Hostess: (Doing as the same) Slapping just like this?

President Liu: Yes, it is.

Feng Yuanzheng: That’s right.

Hostess: Is it a psychological effect? I’m feeling good after slapping.

Feng Yuanzheng: Really, this is true.

President Liu: The veteran doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine taught Yuanzheng to slap the body part where it hurts, and this pain spot is called Ashi point. After Paida, the blocked meridians are being unblocked with regulated Qi movement, the pain is relieved with the improved blood circulation.

During severe epidemic of COVID-19 this year in Shanghai, six people who tested positive  but almost all of them became negative by retesting the next day or within three days after their Paida. By far for those slappers, the effective rate is 100%.

Shanghai COVID-19 Case 1:

A story about nucleic acid test positive turning into negative shared by Warmhearted Netizen [with the test report]

Editor’s note: According to Ms. Tang, all other infected people around her remain positive since their tests on April 1 and April 3. Her time from the positive turning into negative is the shortest and the Paida might play a certain role in it.

On April 5 Ms. Tang began to have physical discomfort with symptoms such as dry mouth, cough with sputum and at about 3:00 a.m. of April 8 was taken to the mobile cabin hospital with positive for nucleic acid test.


Later on a teacher instructed her to slap on the elbow socket, Dazhui acupoint, Neiguan  and other body parts, due to limited conditions, Ms. Tang only slapped on the two elbow sockets with strong intensity for two days, much Sha appeared and her discomfort was relieved gradually, meanwhile she took Lianhua Qingwen Keli (granules). She took nucleic acid test on April 10 and reported negative on April 11.


Sha appeared on the first day


The third day



According to Ms. Tang, all other infected people around her remain positive since their tests on April 1 and April 3. Her time from the positive turning into negative is the shortest and the Paida might play a certain role in it.

A netizen 

April 11, 2022

Shanghai COVID-19 Case 2:

Friend’s transfer suspended due to two times of NAT positive turning into negative —shared again by Shanghai Warmhearted Netizen.

Editor’s note: Shanghai Warmhearted Netizen is really warmhearted, knowing his friends’ positive for nucleic acid, he taught them patiently and guided them to do Paida to improve their immunity. Only 5 hours of Paida resulted in a negative in this case, which is a quicker effect than the previous one. It’s really worth celebrating.

On the afternoon of April 13, the neighborhood committee told Ms. L by phone a car would be sent immediately for her relocation, but was greatly surprised to have heard her having turned into negative, then suspended the transfer but required her to take NAT again. 

Ms. L tested positive two times for nucleic acid on April 7 and April 10, 2022, thus the neighborhood committee informed her to be transported soon.


Symptoms: generalized weakness, fever and sore throat.

At about 13:00 of April 12, 2022, Ms. L started to slap on her elbow socket, Dazhui acupoint and other body parts at home under the guidance of the teacher.


Sha appeared after Paida for ten minutes 


Nucleic acid sample collected at 18:00 on April 12 (5 hours after Paida) and the result reported on April 13: negative. 1E97A53D-78B3-434C-88AB-3ECC2219C85E.jpg

At 16:00 of April 13, Ms. L gave feedback: Much red and dark purple Sha appeared on the right arms, only one dark-colored area is large, many others are small like a rash. A large volume of dark matter discharged from the private parts was thought to be the menses at first, but for now after the analysis, probably the toxin expelled.


The second day afternoon 

On April 13, she did scraping (Guasha) on the neck and thick sputum began to discharge in small amount. Paida was going on.

On the afternoon of April 13, the neighborhood committee told Ms. L by phone a car would be sent immediately for her relocation, but was greatly surprised to have heard her having turned into negative, then suspended the transfer but required her to take NAT again. 


Warmhearted Netizen 

On the evening of April 13, 2022

Shanghai COVID-19 Case 3:

A friend with positive released from quarantine and discharged smoothly after Paida under the guidance of Shanghai Warmhearted Netizen

Editor’s note: This is the third self-healed case the positive having turned into the negative during quarantine after Paida under the guidance of Shanghai Warmhearted Netizen. It is very simple. He mainly slapped on the inner elbow, the physical conditions got well almost the same as usual, with occasional thin sputum discharge and imperceptible pricking pain in the chest. Finally, he was released from isolation and safely discharged from the hospital.

Mr. G tested positive for nucleic acid on April 7, 2022, with tingling in his left chest, dry mouth, sputum and weakness.


At 9:00 of April 8, started to slap on the left elbow socket under the guidance of the teacher. After half an hour of Paida, the tingle in the left chest got better. Paida was going on. Meanwhile he was advised to do scraping and massage on the left chest and Danzhong acupoint, to slap on Dazhui and to drink ginger soup.





At 6 p.m. reported, some red Sha and  a little black Sha appeared on the left elbow socket, then disappeared, very little Sha appeared on the right elbow, felt very comfortable. 

On April 9, Mr. G began to excrete thick sputum and the chest tingling continued to reduce, slapped Dazhui and other body parts. 

On April 10, thick sputum became thin and the chest tingling became imperceptible.

On April 11, his physical condition was almost the same as usual, though with occasional thin sputum.

Mr. G has eye problems and 

even unable to open his eyes while cycling, so the teacher recommended him to slap on the outside areas  of eye sockets with a hollow palm. By doing so, he felt relieved greatly and comfortable with the eyes.

NAT was not available at the isolation site but only at the cabin hospital where the people were transferred. Took no medicine for no fever.

The transfer was no longer made due to a change of policy of April 14 and the pack of the cabin hospital. Two times of NAT of April 14 and 15 reported negative, and discharged on April 19 after completing the formalities.




Shanghai Warmhearted Netizen

April 19, 2022

Shanghai COVID-19 Case 4:

The 4th friend with positive released and returned home after Paida under the guidance of Shanghai Warmhearted Netizen

On April 7, 2022, Ms. Z and her colleagues tested positive for nucleic acid and were sent to an isolation site together, then transferred to a cabin hospital on the evening of April 15.

On April 16, three Paida teachers introduced Paida method which may turn the positive into the negative to Ms. Z (one of the three teachers was Ms. Tang, whose success of becoming the negative was introduced in the previous case few days earlier— A story about nucleic acid test positive turning into negative shared by Warmhearted Netizen [with the test report] ). Special thanks to Teacher Liu Ying for taking valuable time out to offer online guidance.

On April 17, Ms. Z started to slap on the elbow socket, meanwhile she introduced this technique to her colleagues, and one of them followed her and slapped on the elbow socket.



On April 18th and 19th,  NAT was conducted at the cabin hospital, Ms. Z and her colleagues who did Paida all became negative and returned to their homes ( some colleagues without doing Paida improved their immunity and many of them also became negative).



A doctor prescribed two kinds of stomach medicine for Ms. Z during her cabin hospital days and the stomach upset relieved to some extent.

In addition, severe dizziness occurred several days ago eased off. However, the stomach meridian will be slapped soon.

Shanghai Warmhearted Netizen 

April 24, 2022

Shanghai COVID-19 Case 5:

The 5th self-healed case of becoming negative after Paida

Editor’s note: Shanghai Warmhearted Netizen created a miracle again. This is his guided fifth true and effective case of becoming negative for nucleic acid after Paida by remote control. More and more people are believed to be able to use such a simple and effective self-healing method in the days to come!

On May 1, 2022, Ms. H received Paida guidance from two teachers while staying at a Shanghai cabin hospital.

Ms. H slapped on her elbow sockets for more than one hour in the evening and much Sha appeared, and her throat got well right away. Her throat immediately felt comfortable. At 19:19, pictures showing Sha after Paida were sent out.


On the morning of May 1. Ms. H took COVID-19 antigen test and it showed two bars. In the evening after Paida, she did the test again and it showed only one bar, which is an indicator of negative.



Went on slapping on the inner arm and much Sha appeared.

Nucleic acid sample was collected on the morning of May 2, at 3:00 a.m. of May 3, Ms. H left a WeChat message of reporting the good news of negative for NAT.



Shanghai Warmhearted Netizen

COVID-19 Case 6:

If contracted COVID-19, how to slap it away?

(Coach Li) Editor’s note: What a coincidence! This afternoon a Paida lover asked how we can do if someone contracted COVID-19, this evening a student of the 16th session shared a story about an infected aide of a nursing home becoming negative by Paida.  Was it meant to be? Prevention is always better than cure. People are advised in daily routine to do more Paida often on inner arm, front 

chest, and feet…..when vital Qi exists in the body, the exogenous pathogens can not attract the body!

My grandmother and some other elderly residents in the nursing home came down with COVID-19, as well as one aide. They were all sent to a cabin hospital where the aide had to look after a dozen of the elderly though her own physical condition was not so good.

While communicating with the aide by phone so that I could learn about my grandmother’s physical condition, her and understand her mother-in-law’s physical condition, I found she was in a bad mood, then I introduced her the Paida self-healing method and sent her some testimonies, but she said she was too busy to slap.

She was getting worried because she remained positive after having taken Lianhua Qingwen (Chinese patent medicine) for about one week, then I asked her to try Paida and see if it would work. She hesitated. I let her slap on inner elbows and Neiguan areas, then Dazhui acupoint, and also sent her some pictures. She did Paida very hard and much Sha appeared.

It’s amazing that when she did antigen test that morning, it showed two bars, but in the evening she did antigen test again after Paida (she was free that evening), and it showed only one bar. It’s boosting her confidence.

I asked her to continue to do Paida herself and also help my grandmother and other old aged people with Paida.  Finally they have all become negative for the coronavirus. The aide is beginning to accept Paidalajin and practice it.

Ms. Cui

June 21, 2022

The report came from Paidalajin in Arabic of Facebook Paidalajin Global

The writer Sawsan Khalifa, who translated the book [Paida and Lajin Self-Healing]into Arabic, participated in the workshop in Germany and shared her experience in Bulgaria’s workshop as well, was a Palestinian refugee and suffered from fibromyalgia and many other diseases, which have all been improved significantly after Paidalajin  slapping and stretching). 

The following link is the Paida healing effect of her husband with Covid-19:

Clinical cases in China and Indonesia have proved clearly that Paida has very good efficacy for self-healing, prevention and treatment of COVID-19. All of the above cases occurred randomly, however, randomized clinical trials can be more credible.

This Paida method does not contradict the existing vaccine prevention and treatment, they complement each other. Its benefits to poverty-stricken areas, old people and children will be more obvious. It is free and safe, with so effective result of clinical trial. Therefore, the WHO and governments around the world are urged to do clinical trials using Paida as soon as possible, an earlier promotion of Paida will benefit people earlier.

Some people experience a variety of symptoms of post-COVID-19 condition after they recover from their initial illness. The virus will also spread as new variants, and even other viruses may emerge. Paida is effective to fight against all viruses, because it doesn’t target one kind of specific virus but aims at enhancing the immunity of the human body.

Related principles about self-healing Covid-19 with Paida, please refer to the article released on the net in Chinese <Why Paidalajin can prevent and self-heal the coronavirus?> with the link: