Grandpa Lee, 72, had stroke-induced hemiplegia in July 2011.


Grandpa Lee, with right-side hemiplegia, was practicing walking without a cane.

Prior to my treatment, his main symptoms were: restricted movement of the right hand and foot, drooling, ambiguous speech occasionally (According to his wife Grandma Liu, he also had an enlarged prostate, and at one time couldn’t urinate in a whole week. Before I helped him, he had 6 toilet visits almost every night, and the morning before I went to his place, he had brought back drugs costing over 1,000 yuan), and needed a cane and someone’s protection to walk.

The treatment began on the afternoon of November 28, 2012. The efficacy is as follows:

Day One: After Paida and Lajin, he could walk slowly for over 10 meters without his cane. And his nighttime toilet visits were reduced to 4 (stopped all medication).

Day Two: This morning, a friend called me, saying that Grandma Liu had told her that Grandpa Lee was practicing walking without a cane early in the morning. I went over at noon, and after Paida and Lajin, he made further improvement — he could squat down, but didn’t have enough strength to stand up by himself. (The couple were so excited and happy, as Grandpa Lee hadn’t been able to do so in a year. And I share the same joy from the bottom of my heart!)

Day Three: I went over at noon and helped him Paida and Lajin. I found that there were miracles unfolding every day. After treatment, he could squat and stand up by himself. I was profoundly moved by his improvement and the indescribable joy of Grandma Liu and their nurse.

Day Four: Today, I promised to help Grandpa Lee Paida and Lajin at noon and do one more session of Lajin in the evening. I didn’t expect yet another miracle! In the evening, I went over to his place with a friend who’s enthusiastic about Chinese medicine. But he had doubts about the theory of Paida and Lajin, and wouldn’t believe that the self-healing methods were as “magical” as I had described. He wanted to see it for himself. And Grandpa Lee satisfied his wish with concrete actions! After Paida and Lajin, Grandpa Lee walked in the living room for four rounds — it should be over 50 meters. While walking, he was murmuring “one two one”. This reminded me of a marching soldier (I had been in the army before). Wow! Great!

See how Grandpa Lee was practicing walking this morning:



 Right leg moving forward!

 Dear Grandpa Lee, congratulations!

 Perhaps those who disbelieve Paida and Lajin would say that it is only “an exception”. Mr. Xiao once said, “Reasoning (to others) depends on eloquence, whilst the Dao (the way) depends on action.” So, please do not blindly ponder over whether the methods work. Why not just do it and experience the benefits of Paida and Lajin? The 10-plus patients with hypertension (including one with hypertension-induced stroke) I treated have all stopped medication. Most of them experienced healing crises, but all have faith in Paida and Lajin and are real doers.

Every Saturday morning, I am promoting Paida and Lajin for free in Shaoyang, Hunan province. I have successfully run dozens of Paida and Lajin parties and many have benefited. Compared with Mr. Xiao’s great love for all, I am only a small droplet in the wave of global promotion of Paida and Lajin, yet I firmly believe that I will make the strongest voice. I sincerely hope that more and more people will benefit from them.

Great thanks to Mr. Xiao, and to Paida and Lajin! The dream of everyone becoming his/her “miracle healer” in ten years will definitely come true!

Hong Zhen

December 1, 2012