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  1. Hello, Could you tell me what is the difference between the 71 lessons (of which I already followed the 16 basic ones), and the 2 courses (24 lessons and the 26 lessons)? Are the 2 courses included in the 71 or is it something different? Will I be able to download the videos for future reference?
    Thank you

    1. The 16 lessons is part of the 71 total lessons. All you have to do to watch the remaining 55 lessons is to upgrade to Premier Membership. You can watch these videos as long as you have a valid membership. And there will be more video to added periodically.

  2. Is there any Paida Lajin group in Canada? I would like to join. Any workshop planned for Canada? Thanks in advance.

  3. Hello,

    I am now in the province of Qc, Canada near Montreal until the end of December. I would love to go to a Paidlajin workshop.


  4. Ah, I see I am not alone in experiencing this problem. Well, as of 5:08 Nov. 13, it is not yet corrected.

  5. opened course after purchase for first time. Was unable to view first lesson…was marked as complete. how do i view first lesson?

  6. I am trying to watch the lessons and even though I have already been watching them it keeps coming up that I am unauthorized.

    1. We have encountered this day in the last few days. We have already contacted our technical department. We will let you know as soon as we hear from them. OK?

      1. Yes, thank you very much. This has helped me more than anything I have done. Since I really devoted all of my spare time to it I am feeling better everyday.

  7. Will this help with slumped shoulders. I am able to lajin for 8 minutes on both legs with my leg against the wall and the other one touching the floor. It is very painful but I am feeling better and have more energy. I am also slapping the 8 places and my head. The classes are great. I watched all the videos that I could find but I can see that I really needed the classes. Thank you

  8. I’m attending the 24 lessons and I’m 65% complete.
    When I want to continue watching a video it says I am unauthorized to view this page.

    Please help.

  9. Hello,
    How can I get my course 24 Video Lessons To Teach You How To Heal Yourself Naturally that I already
    Paid ?

    1. Login first. Then click on the “24 video lessons” then click on “curriculum”, then click on anyone of the 24 lessons.

  10. Hello,
    I’ve registered for the first course.
    I’ve logged in and went to curriculum but cannot view the video. Is it because I’m using my Smartphone?
    Thank you

  11. Hello, I am wondering, I have osteoarthritis of some fingers (left hand), so, how do you suggest I slap my right hand or arm?
    Also, does your method (I guess slapping the left hand with right hand) works on restoring finger’s cartilage?
    Thank you

    1. Restoring cartilage is a western medical term. We don’t know whether it may or may not restore your cartilage, but for sure, your osteoarthritis will be better. Just give it a try.

  12. Will Paidalajin help people with either stent implants, heart bypass surgery, or those who either have, or had strokes as well?

    1. I have perches 24 lesson and I would like to review the course, but I cannot access the video again. I am little surprise that I cannot review the lesson, over like all the other online courses.
      Once you perches the online video courses you should be able to download and see as much as you need
      To, I think this is wrong!

      1. You should be able to view all the videos for as long as you prefer. Please let us know, whether you have logged in? After you logged in, click on the curriculum, then the lessons, what happens?

        1. Thank you for your reply. unfortunately when I logged on and went to the curriculum, it shows open Eye, on the side of 24 video, but When I click on it it says I’m not authorized to see it and is it is complete . I am not sure what to do?

    1. For our FREE classes, there are only 4 video and 4 email lessons. They will all be emailed to you every two to three days.

  13. Another question…if you have slapped on all the 4 main areas and no Sha shows up but see that Sha shows up for e.g. along the heart meridian between wrist point and inner elbow point, should you just slap on the other parts and leave slapping on the inner elbow?

  14. Hello,
    I bought the two courses and have now been through the courses 3 times so why does Failed 30% show up?

  15. Thank you for allowing me to seek out PaidaLajin. God bless all who are involved in this journey to self healing and better health.

  16. Finally, I am able to login and see videos, yay!!! Many thanks for all your help to resolve the issue.

    Very, very grateful! ???
    Beautiful blessings.
    Gina Costa

  17. Hi, i have enrolled for the course and its really great to see the videos. I just have one doubt – For cervical spondylitis problem do we have to do paida on head and neck areas ? kindly advise.

    1. To be truly healthy, meaning getting rid of all of our blockages, we need to Paida on every inch of our body, from head to toe. You will learn about concepts such as “carpet bombing” & “Causes for all diseases are complex in nature” in the videos. Please learn all the lessons first, then ask questions.

  18. Hello, I’m just wondering, is it possible to get an other payment method? Because Paypal, even with credit cards, doesn’t work for me. Maybe you can add Bitcoin?

      1. Thanks for your answer. I think once I don’t need to go through Paypal, it’s ok for the credit card.

        1. Hi Cakty87, We have just added a Stripe credit card processing for your convenience. Let us hope it helps.

  19. I got Hongchi Xio’s book so no worry about my last question on how to get the 24 Video Course on How to heal yourself naturally. I will just read and educate myself. If there are any suggestions, please email me for contact on this matter.
    Thanks and have a great day!

  20. Hello dear Piafa lajin team. I orders the 24 videos and have yet to receive them! Am anxious to learn and help others

    Please advise,

    Love and blessings

    1. After you login, just click on the course, then click on the curriculum, then click on the lessons.

      Please give it a try.

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