Editor’s comment: Losing weight is just a bi-product of PaidaLajin. There are many stories of weight loss on waist, tummy, arms and legs. Please read the story of this lady who is in her 50s. Her thighs became slim after doing Lajin for half a year. Human’s self-healing power plays miracles. As long as you ignite this power, it dredges blocked meridians, and dissolves phlegm and dampness. Losing weight is a natural result from PaidaLajin. As matter of fact, it regulates one’s weight by losing extra weight on the fat body parts and gaining weight on the thin parts.

By Ms. Wen

I’ve always loved sports since my childhood, especially long distance running, because it makes me both strong and tough. However with the time passing by, this hobby has given me a lot of troubles. My legs became thicker and stronger. My usual self-smirk was “My thighs are bigger than the waists of some people.”  

I particularly love to wear mini tennis skirts, mini jean skirts, but with my two “elephant alike” legs, I couldn’t wear them but envy others. Motivated by wearing mini skirts again, I decided to start weight loss programs. I tried many methods, but the size of my thighs didn’t budge. What should I do?

Last winter, my younger sister recommended I practice PaidaLajin. I gave Lajin a try because I was an athlete before, I felt Lajin was not much painful as most people experience. Starting from ten minutes, I extended my Lajin time duration to twenty minutes, half an hour, to forty minutes. Half a year later, the result was unbelievable, my legs were getting slimmer. The size of my thighs reduced from 1 ft 8 inches to 1 ft 5 inches. I was so thrilled. Finally I am able to wear miniskirts.

I am approaching age 60. I can still wear whatever I like, how happy I am! I would like to thank PaidaLajn and PL coaches. Wish more people can benefit from this self-healing method.