Paida Helps Covid-19

Antigen test

July 4, 2021 : Mr. Freddy, 24 years old and his wife Mrs. Fara Wulan Puspitasari, 20 years old was tested positive of Covid-19, they did not feel well, were out of breath and feverish.

When their best friend Mr. Nielz who is a Paida Lajin practitioner (*He’s already read Master Xiao’s April 2021 letter on oksigen saturation*) heard about this, he taught them to do Paida, so since then they did Paida, in morning, day time until night on almost all of their body.

July 8, 2021 at 6.10 PM local time they were tested again with Antigen Swab and the results were negative and they felt much better.

Indonesia Covid test

A Second Testimonial

There is another person who was saved from Covid-19 with the help of Paida.  Mr. Tjong Tjen Lie is 66 years and 8 months old, lives in Palembang, Indonesia got the PCR test on July 12, 2021 is positive.  July 14th, his condition was quite bad, weak, somewhat short of breath, difficult to eat and vomiting.

On the morning of July 15, his wife (Ayin HIoe Ha Jung) aged 66 years, WA me that her husband was COVID-19 positive, I immediately suggested her to do Paida to her husband, especially along the pulmonary meridians.

July 22, 2021 in the morning his wife sent a WA to me, her husband is much better, eats a lot, walks normally, doesn’t stagger, can take a bath on his own and can do light exercise – walking.

I ordered an antigen swab, but they didn’t dare to do it because it was a black zone and there were a lot of people queuing for swabs.

Although the antigen swab has not been tested, the important thing is that he feel good and normal.

By Hanafi Widiasana