I got to know Lajin & Paida from my father in November 2010.

He had heart problem, diabetics and leg pain. My father encouraged me and my husband to attend the workshop because he sees a lot of improvement in himself. The doctor wanted him to take insulin, but my father kept on giving excuses to the doctor, on the other hand he was very hard working doing Lajin. Finally the doctor agreed with him not to inject insulin. And now he has stopped the diabetic medicine and his blood sugar level is normal.

Before my dad had a Lajin bench, my mum just helped him by holding his leg up and pressing the other leg down for 1-2 min. After a week my dad’s leg pain was gone. Before that he had to go for leg massage twice a week. That was how he got his confidence to continue. My father has continued the Lajin for 2 years and he has lost 13kg from 97kg to 84kg. I have never seen my father with his current weight before.



The second person who has benefited from Lajin in my family is my mum. Her both hands were numb for a long time. Many people might think this is nothing, but because her hands were numb, she would always get hurt in the kitchen. After Lajin she is working very well now.

My nephew at 9 years old with coloring allergy had to see the doctor every month because we could not avoid the outside food with coloring and preservatives. He also got cured after he started doing Lajin and also improved in his weight gain.

My dad has introduced Lajin to many people that he knows, at the same time he has printed 2,000 copies of Lajin self-healing method (English and Mandarin versions) from the Internet to put in his friend’s restaurant. (Display board) Surprisingly he got many calls inviting him for demos. At first he just called people to come to the house and showed them how. After many people benefited from Lajin they even called him to clubs and association meetings to share the Lajin experience.

My husband and I just attended a 7-day workshop in Beijing. I don’t have any visible health issue. Because I had two miscarriages, my family kept on telling me “You’re weak”. So I took the opportunity to attend with my husband. I was about to go back on the 2nd day of the class — after the Lajin and Paida on the first day, my body was aching and I couldn’t sleep. The coach gave me more Paida on my body and it seemed to recover in the evening. But the pains switched to the wrist. I continue Paida and Lajin on the 3rd day’s morning session, amazingly it was gone.

Now I recall that when my husband and I relocated to Beijing last December, I had a stiff neck after sleep — my head could not lift up straight and my left hand didn’t even have the strength to take a mug. It has been 3 months I never bothered to do anything about it and it was cured in this 7-day workshop. I never experienced the Paida before and this is a real experience I have. And I love the beating on the head, I feel so relaxed. The head beating really makes me feel the “Qi” flowing to my body….It is so amazing. The happier for this class is I can see a lot of improvement in my husband. And he told me if time allows he will definitely attend again.

Honestly my father did not do Paida at home, but after the class I will introduce my experience to him so he can share more with his friends. Now I understand the meaning of “No Pains, No Gains.”

Amy (Singapore)

March 10, 2013