Mr. Xiao’s Comment:

In this testimonial, Ms. Yang fell on the ground at a fitness centre, her hands and feet icy cold. It scared away a worker there. Fortunately, she remembered Paida and mustered all her remaining strength to instruct workers still there to give her first aid with Paida. When the ambulance car arrived, she had basically recovered. The doctor gave her a basic checkup and found everything normal with her. She signed her name and didn’t go to hospital.

What a life-saving and life-changing experience! It shows what great impact the power of the “Heart” has on us. If you are always afraid and fearful, things will develop that way; if you find a good solution, for instance, Paida, you will be able to turn negative energy into positive energy. Just as Ms. Yang says, “PaidaLajin not only contributes to physical and psychological health, it is an essential ‘first aid kit’ that we always carry along with us (our hands can do Paida whenever and wherever needed).”

But my hope is that you can practice PaidaLajin in your daily life and get rid of diseases and pains before an acute onset. Why wait till you need first aid? Practice PaidaLajin now, for not everyone is so lucky.
When I returned from Beijing, I went for a sauna at a fitness centre. It has been my habit. I spent over a minute in the sauna room more than I could normally stand. I thought it would be Okay, but I felt weak and fell to the ground. My hands and feet were icy cold. I was very afraid that I would totally lose consciousness and die this way.

Two cleaners in the dressing room saw me on the cold floor of the shower room, and they were very scared — one ran away; Another, hearing my words “towel, dry towel”, brought several big towels, and put them on the floor to wrap me up.

My first reaction was to Paida immediately to avoid stroke. But I was too weak to slap myself. So I said to the middle-aged woman who brought me the towels, “Please help me. Slap my inner elbow heavily.” She only patted there gently, for she dared not slap heavily.

Just then, a young worker at the centre ran over here. She was at a loss what to do. She only said, “The ambulance car is coming…”

I told her, “Please help slap my inner elbow. Slap hard.” I used my little remaining strength to show her how to slap and she imitated it dubiously.

The middle-aged worker was timid, but was trying her best to slap; and the young one dared not slap hard. I pleaded to them, “Don’t be afraid. Now my life is in your hands. As long as the two of you slap me hard, I will be able to survive and I won’t have a stroke. Please slap at the same rhythm. You are saving my life! It is not my first time to experience such an onset. I’ve been sent to the first aid centre before and have records there.”

I continued to encourage them, “Yes, slap like this. Slap heavier. Don’t be afraid. Look, I can stretch my hands now. My Qi and blood are flowing smoothly now.”

The young worker slapping my right elbow saw Sha lumps emerging there and stopped out of fear. I told her, “This shows that it works for me. Slap hard, slap more such lumps out and I will be alright soon.” Hearing these words, she gave me some more heavy slaps, and a few more bluish lumps came out. In my heart, I was shouting, “Thank God.” Then I said to them in a more grateful tone, “Thank you. I will be Okay soon. Thank you very much indeed! You’ve saved my life.”

Then came a female doctor in first aid costume saying that the ambulance had arrived. She persuaded me to go lie down on the ambulance. I declined it firmly. I would not go to hospital. She had no other choice but to help me get dressed, sit down on the foldable stool out of the dressing room, and give me a health check right there.

I rested for a while, and slowly walked out of the dressing room. Oh, it was all my fault for busying so many people. I felt deeply guilty and sorry for it.

After a series of basic tests, including blood sugar test, I heard her say, “Everything is normal with you. Please sign your name here, indicating that you choose not to go for first aid in hospital.” I put my palms together and said to the five-person ambulance team and four workers at the centre, “Thank you all. I’m very sorry for bringing you trouble. I am Okay now. Thank you.” Well, in my heart, I was saying, “I’m back to life again.”

This incident gave me deep reflections. From that day on till today (November 26), I have only showered once, so as not to deplete my energy. My internal organs were indeed damaged. The foot masseur knew it the moment he massaged my feet. And I know that massage alone is not enough to fix the problem. So every day, I try to slap different parts of my body when I feel most energetic.

Paida during this period has given me some surprising, fresh experiences. For instance, blue and purple lumps of Sha continually emerged soon after I began to slap on the front side of each thigh. Mr. Xiao advised earnestly, “Continue Paida when Sha lumps appear. The blockages and wastes will soon be dissolved.” So I continued to slap until I felt too weak to do so. And I thus forgot to take pictures of the colourful Sha. I remember it felt like the chest tightness was blown away, and I no longer felt so stuffy in the chest.

A few days ago, I registered a Webo account (similar to Twitter), and it was finally activated today. This was my first time to browse articles on the Webo. I read a similar testimonial, and it gave me the courage to share my life-threatening and life-saving experience.

I’ve come back to life, and I am grateful to life. If we live every day as the last day, we will know how to live it fully.

PaidaLajin not only contributes to physical and psychological health, it is an essential ‘first aid kit’ that we always carry along with us (our hands can do Paida whenever and wherever needed).” Learn and practice PaidaLajin, and you will be able to save your own, your family members’, and even your neighbours’ lives when needed.

Mr. Xiao, thank you sincerely.

Yang Lele
November 26, 2014
Original Chinese testimonial: 健身房起死回生记
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