One day, I took my son to a small shop to buy things. When he was picking his favourite cookies, the owner of the shop suddenly cried out aloud. It scared me, for I thought there was a robbery. I followed the sounds and found that his three-year-old grandson was in a coma due to high fever-induced convulsion. And the child’s eyes were rolled upward.


I didn’t hesitate to think, but instantly grabbed his arm and began to slap at the inner elbow. The shop owner knew that I could do pediatric massage, so he just let me slap him. One, two, three slaps…as I continued Paida, the kid seemed to be regaining consciousness. I then asked the shop owner to imitate me and slap on the other arm. We slapped together for a while. Soon the child was conscious of the pain of Paida and tried to avoid it. But he was still not awake, and there were tears at the corners of his eyes. I slapped along the arm to the Neiguan acupoint. Several dark spots of Sha appeared at the slapped area. You see? Even such a little child has blockages inside. I slapped harder at the Neiguan acupoint.

Suddenly the child burst into tears. Great! He was awake. What great joy!

As I had learnt pediatric massage, I knew that his high fever-induced convulsion was caused by retention of food in the stomach. So I asked the shop owner to give the child massage on the abdomen in the clockwise direction. I also gave him massage for bringing down fever and relaxing the bowels.

The second day when I visited the shop again, I saw the little boy alive and kicking. Had he been sent to hospital, he would have been given several days of infusion. Moreover, it is hard to bring down fever without healing indigestion, and a doctor of Western medicine may not see the root cause and treat it holistically.

I’m glad that I know and practice PaidaLajin self-healing method.
Rui Qi, from Xi’an, China
June 11, 2014        
Original Chinese testimonial: 拍打急救高温惊厥幼儿
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