Yesterday (March 21, 2016) was Human Rights Day in South Africa. Mr. Hongchi Xiao and his PaidaLajin self-healing promotion team just completed a 6-day workshop in Johannesburg. Participants of the workshop included people from South Africa, Malawi, China, India, U.S.A., Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, Bulgaria, Romania, Holland, etc. Despite our differences in race, color, language, lifestyle, value system, religious belief,  cultural background, physical and mental pains and diseases, we have come together to put into practice the most fundamental human right—the right to self-heal.

Toward the end of the workshop, Mr. Xiao sat on a latest foldable Lajin bench, answered questions and talked of everyone’s innate self-healing mechanism and how to empower ourselves to self-heal. The participants took his words deeper into heart after experiencing and witnessing various improvements and healing reactions.

Participants expressing their deepest gratitude to Mr. Xiao

Each morning, we started by slapping on the head and face with eyes closed. The sequence is as follows: top of the head, left and right sides of the head, front and back sides of the head, back side of the neck, eyes, cheeks, mouth and ears, each for 5 minutes. In addition to slapping on their own, participants also helped each other Paida in groups of two persons, except for Paida the eyes and mouth. The comparison of self-help and mutual Paida is clear—most people love themselves so tenderly that they don’t slap hard enough.

During Paida, there were yawns, tears, and cold coming out. These are all detox reactions. After Paida, we all felt quite invigorated. Two participants wearing hearing aids couldn’t hear a sound after Paida on the ears. Then after some time, they were able to hear again. A typical healing reaction. Initially, it took them over two hours to resume hearing, and in later days, they could hear after 10 minutes “blank”.

Many people panic at such healing reactions during PaidaLajin. However, these two gentlemen could face it calmly and continue PaidaLajin. This is because they perused PaidaLajin Self-Healing, and they knew temporary hearing loss and/or deterioration of other symptoms are healing reactions where the boosted energy is clearing blockages in the body.

Participants clapped each other’s inner elbows in groups of three. Every one of them had Sha, i.e. everyone had lung and heart problems, though to varying degrees, for the Heart, Pericardium and Lung Meridians run along the inner arms. Slapping on the inner elbows and Neiguan acupoint near the wrist have been repeatedly proven the most direct and accurate way to prevent, diagnose and self-heal heart diseases and help survive a heart attack.


 Neiguan acupoint   

Dark Sha at inner elbows after some gentle Paida

Paida the armpits are very effective relief for various heart, thyroid, mammary gland problems and depression.

Participants slapped each other’s front and back sides of the knees in groups of three. Many of them had lower back and knee pains, after Paida, much of the pains was relieved and they could squat lower. On the last day when they focused more on slapping their aching areas, some of them found remaining pains in the waist, legs and ankles while squatting, so they focused on slapping these areas to thoroughly detoxify and heal.  

Participants slapped each other’s back, inner and outer sides of legs in groups of three.


Slapping each other’s belly leisurely

By drawing out toxins from the belly in the form of the visible Sha, a lot of gynaecological disorders can be dissolved without a trace.

During the break, participants joyfully chatted about the changes PaidaLajin has brought them and their loved ones.


80-year-old John lives a simple, natural life, and keeps a vegetable garden. He had attended a 7-day PaidaLajin workshop in February 2014. After the workshop, he continued the practice for months. Then one day in May 2014, he fell off a rooftop and injured his left chest, ribs, arms and legs. He was sent to hospital for emergency treatment. The doctors advised his partner to refurnish the bathroom in his house, so as to facilitate his use of wheelchair. Well, the surprise was, John walked out of the hospital. While recalling this experience, John said that he could not have recovered so well, so fast without his persistent practice of PaidaLajin (Youtube video: PaidaLajin Helped 80-Year-Old Recover From Severe Injury).

Later on, John gradually stopped Paida and only did some Lajin. Not long ago, he was again sent to the emergency room because of acute stomach and bowel problems. After this experience, he was determined to return to PaidaLajin self-healing. John was very dedicated to this second workshop and trained himself into a good slapper. He was rewarded with better flexibility, and bowel movement. And he found his facial skin smoother.

Many people have similar experiences. They ignore their physical health and psychological wellbeing while busying and stressed in life. Then various discomforts attack them. And they busy themselves looking for therapies. After repeated disappointments, some of them are lucky enough to find PaidaLajin. However, when their health condition improves, they again rush back into the vicious cycle of busyness. When the health alarm sounds again and again, they finally realize it is time to return to the natural way of life.

At last Sunday’s seminar held at Delta Park, Johannesburg, Martin went onstage to try PaidaLajin. He was a former marathon runner, and couldn’t continue running seven years before due to a knee injury. After PaidaLajin, he ran on the stage for several rounds (Youtube video: 7 Years’ Knee Pain Relieved and Running Again After PaidaLajin). Then he attended this workshop, benefited a lot, and wanted to run half marathon again.

Mr. Xiao cautioned the participants about the injuries and diseases that competitive sports inflict on people. Sports like marathon push athletes to or beyond their extremes, burdening their heart and the entire body. Mr. Xiao had been on Hollywood director Ang Lee’s team writing the creative proposal for the opening and closing ceremonies of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. He said, “The Olympic motto is Faster, Higher, Stronger, and I’d like to end it with ‘Die Sooner’. By contrast, yoga and Tai Chi are slow, and a meditator sits without moving at all. These are good for health.”

The participants had similar observations. A naturopath added that many athletes came to her for healing various injuries and diseases. She said, “A person does not have pains and illnesses because of aging. Many health problems were already there when young, and they gradually emerge as a person ages.”

Martin was quite inspired. He decided that instead of aiming for achievement, he would quit the marathon and totally enjoy the rhythm of running in his daily life. He found the key to healing in his heart. And he hoped to design wooden Lajin benches for people to use.

During a ginger tea break, he talked of his “harsh love” for his son. His second son was unhappy working for him and his elder brother. He was so depressive that he locked himself in his room for days. Martin drove him out, and asked him to make his own living. Their relationship got very tense. However, the decision not to protect his son “under his wings” and let him fly on his own has reaped fruits over time. Now his son is a confident young man who takes his fate into his own hands. They are intimate and understand each other better. How similar it is to the harsh love of PaidaLajin!

The naturopath has been practicing therapies in South Africa for over two decades. She is also a yoga coach. But the pain on one side of her body has been torturing her for years. At last Sunday’s seminar in Delta Park, she volunteered to try PaidaLajin onstage. In about a dozen minutes’ PaidaLajin, much dark Sha emerged along the back of her legs. How severely blocked she was, in her heart and in the body! She cried during PaidaLajin, and found that her knee and ankle pains were gone afterwards.

During the workshop, the naturopath had much dark Sha all over her body. Dark lumps and white powder emerged on her buttocks. She had been taking anti-depressant and other medicines. And this is great detox. She cried several times during Paida, and smile broadly afterwards.

In the afternoon, Mr. Xiao talked of the causes of pains and diseases: (1) Visible causes, i.e. life habits detrimental to health, including too much swimming, having too many fruits, cold drinks and raw vegetables, and wearing too little in a cool or cold environment; (2) Invisible causes, i.e. too much stress and too many negative emotions in the “heart”.

She then recalled that she suffered indigestion because of such an eating habit, which she took for granted and thought it was quite healthful. She suffered so many pains and diseases and her health condition gradually improved after eating more warm food. Mr. Xiao explained that nutrition from such foods is one perspective, however, when you have too many cold foods and drinks, temperature exchange happens in the stomach, much energy is consumed and the foods may not be digested fully, leaving cold and wastes in the body.

Attending the seminar and workshop was an opportunity for a thorough detox. Before the end of the workshop, she said that her years of left leg pain was gone, she couldn’t feel leg cramps any more, and she self-healed the lower back pain which had tortured her for over 30 years (Youtube video: A Yoga Coach’s Pains Self-Healed with PaidaLajin).

A lot of people wear very little and practice yoga in an air-conditioned room. They may be very flexible, but they suffer many pains and diseases caused by severe cold-dampness blockages in the body. Many yoga practitioners find the most instant pain relief by practicing PaidaLajin, in addition to self-healing gynaecological and psychological disorders.  

Tshidi, a PaidaLajin coach in Soweto, South Africa, felt stomach ache while being slapped on the knees. Her symptom was relieved after Paida on Zusanli and Neiguan acupoints for several minutes.


Zusanli acupoint                                        

Neiguan acupoint

On the fifth day, she had a more severe healing reaction during Paida on the outer side of a leg (where the Gall Bladder Meridian runs). She couldn’t breathe properly and felt she was dying. A coach and a participant slapped her inner elbows. She tried to avoid the pain. We guided her to calm down, regulate breathing, and accept the pain by murmuring in her heart “I’m sorry, please forgive me, thank you, I love you.” Five minutes later, her symptoms were gone and she then rested for a while.

During that afternoon’s sharing session, she felt cold and wrapped herself in a thick bathing towel. Her body is expelling cold. Mr. Xiao said that various diseases and healing reactions are in essence different manifestations of problems with the tangible and intangible heart, and slapping on the inner elbows, Neiguan acupoint near the wrist is the most direct and effective way to relieve a heart attack and chronic heart problems.

Interestingly, the participant who helped Tshidi also had severe heart problems. He had experienced several heart attacks and had stents already. He had read PaidaLajin Self-Healing, attended Mr. Xiao seminars and two workshops, and knew that in case of a heart attack, it’s best to stay calm and slap on the inner elbows and Neiguan acupoint until the symptoms disappear. However, when Tshidi felt weak, he panicked and was at a loss what to do. Then, together with the coach, he helped relieve Tshidi’s acute symptoms. He experienced the miraculous healing effect of Paida and wanted to do more Paida on himself to remove the “time bomb” of a deadly heart attack. And he knew that he should worry less and maintain balance in his life.

Download File: Using PaidaLajin for Urgent Symptoms






















Bulgarian kinesiologist Lazarina attended the workshop for a second time. She also brought along her two daughters and several clients. She is a highly efficient doer. During her first workshop in 2014, she went back home and taught her therapist daughter PaidaLajin. Her daughter also acted at once. After the workshop, their family and clients held several PaidaLajin parties, and they used vouchers to encourage their clients to practice PaidaLajin.

She attended this workshop to further boost her confidence and energy level, and to gain more practical experience. Right after the workshop, she is going back to Bulgaria to help heal her mother and relatives with PaidaLajin. She googled and found that some people in Bulgaria had already been practicing and promoting PaidaLajin, and that some of the PaidaLajin videos on Youtube had been translated into Bulgarian. She was very happy and took out time to translate part of the latest version of PaidaLajin Self-Healing into Bulgarian and posted it on a webpage. She then invited Mr. Xiao to give seminars and workshops in July this year.

Today, Lazarina is on her way back home to spread the message of self-healing with PaidaLajin. Now millions of people in over 60 countries are benefiting from PaidaLajin. We don’t know most of them personally. They got to know PaidaLajin through books, seminars, workshops, PaidaLajin blogs and websites, Youtube videos, or by word of mouth. They have spent very little money on it, but their physical and psychological health, and life quality in general are much improved.

Today, we continue to work hard, to wake people up to the call of self-healing. Indeed, we can take health into our own hands. Health is wealth in our life bank. Own it now!

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March 22, 2016