The following is an excerpt of the report.

By TAG-VHS Diabetes Research Centre, Chennai, India

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  1. A unique clinical research workshop on the Chinese self-healing method termed “PaidaLajin” promoted by Master Hongchi Xiao, was conducted under continuous strict medical supervision and detailed computerized/video graphed data recording at TAG VHS Diabetics Research Centre, Chennai, India from 9th to 13th March 2015.
  2. A total of 25 participants were registered for the 5-day program, a bridge from the full course of 7 days advocated by Master Hongchi Xiao (due to logistic reasons). He conducted this personally along with his assistants and Indian colleague Mr. Parag Samel. The entire program started at 7a.m. daily and lasted for almost 10 to 11hrs daily with a short break for breakfast & lunch. The entire program was given free of cost to all the participants. About 10 of them were in-patients, while the rest came as out-patients. All of them were fully screened medically; their cases documented and after detailed counseling sessions, their informed consent for the entire procedure including photography, was obtained from all the participants. 5 out of the 25 registered participants dropped out from the workshop due to compelling personal reasons, we have the entire data of progress for the 20 persons who completed the program successfully.

Conclusions & Take-Home Message
While this abridged PaidaLajin workshop done under near-perfect conditions revealed that though it is not a Panacea for all illnesses, it could nevertheless prove to be a veritable blessing to prevent illness and promote good health, enthusiasm and energy to every individual practicing this self-healing method diligently, with faith and trust in the WISDOM OF THE HUMAN BODY GIFTED TO HUMANKIND BY THE CREATOR (GOD!). The following are several take-home messages from the workshop:

  1. Type 2 Diabetes responds very well to PaidaLajin therapy in the holistic workshop setting. This is not surprising as it involves a very strict diet regime, fasting, and control of mind and through shot/effective sessions of medications. A dedicated and motivated ex-soldier normalized his established diabetes without any of the medications he was taking previously during this short span of five days and remains in excellent health more than a week after leaving the workshop. This definitely raises hope for newly/recently (< 1 year) detected Type 2 Diabetes to try out this regime for at least 3–6 months, and there is promise that all cases of IGT and many cases of overt asymptomatic Type 2 Diabetes could use this modality as the first choice with benefit.
  2. Type 1 Diabetes (Juvenile Insulin Dependent Diabetes Mellitus) which is the more severe, insulinopaenic form, occurring in children and young adolescents, also recorded improvement in their clinical condition over the 5-day period of the workshop; however during the healing crisis (healing reactions) and fasting when their blood sugars went up, they needed medical support in the form of calories, fluid & small doses of rapid acting insulin to prevent ketoacidosis; but it was not alarming and all of them recovered and completed the full course with renewed energy and needing approximately half of their original requirement of insulin. A longer period of observation (6 months) is underway which may provide more answers.
  3. Hypertension was not an issue at all during the entire duration for any of those patients who were on varying doses of anti-hypertensive medication. After 1 week of returning to home, only 1 out of 10 persons who were taking medication required half of the original dose and even this needs review and revision with continuation of therapy.
  4. There were 4 persons with varying labels of coronary artery disease/Ischemic heart disease; but none of them had any problem during the strenuous workshop. It is too short a period to assess the impact of PaidaLajin on heart disease. We need to study a much larger sample over a longer period to assess the full benefits claimed for this condition.
  5. A host of minor and chronic illnesses like knee pains (OA), hip pains (OA), low back ache, periarthritis of shoulders, degenerative painful diseases of the spine (spondylitis), disc bulges etc. were treated with ease and assurance with remarkably high percentage of success (98%).
  6. The true discovery and revaluation of PaidaLajin during this study was its remarkable, almost dramatic improvement in cases of Parkinsonism, facilitating reduction in one and complete withdrawal of anti-Parkinson’s drug in the other case. This provides a definite silver lining to the millions of patients around the world afflicted with many types of Parkinsonism and the resultant drug-induced dyskinesias and other ADR. The mobility offered after PaidaLajin was unparalleled and exciting to watch/demonstrate (video graphs). Surely this workshop has shown that there is a hope and optimism for patients with Parkinson’s disease. A systematic, large, and long–term study for about 3 years will, I believe, throw up all the benefits that might qualitatively improve their lives.
  7. The final take-home message of PaidaLajin workshop was indeed, that it virtually doubled the ENERGY LEVELS of all the participants (100%), both individually and as a “mass effect”. It gave optimism and hope to all the persons involved with the idea of health taking precedence over disease, self-healing taking lead over seeking medication, and fear of the unknown/imaginary risks giving way to self-confidence in simple methods of self-healing.