Many people are puzzled by the disappearance of Sha after Paida. Some doctors who have never practiced Paida themselves use their imagination to explain it, and intimidate patients to stop Paida, saying that the Sha will re-enter blood circulation and could lead to stroke or heart attack. This is sheer ignorance and prejudice.


Detoxification through PaidaLajin is not just physical cleaning. First, Qi is gathered at the stimulated area; it will then decompose toxic waste in the blood and fluids into tiny particles of Sha that can be excreted easily. This means that the physical and chemical properties of the toxic waste have been changed. In other words, Sha is toxic waste filtered out of unhealthy blood, it will only be excreted through various channels, and will not re-enter healthy blood. This is the magical design of the Creator. This is the magic of our self-healing mechanism.


Skin is the largest detox channel for Sha is, for there are countless pores on it. Each pore is constantly “breathing”, just like the nostrils. The Yang energy activated by PaidaLajin decomposes Sha into tiny particles invisible to the naked eye. As they are much smaller than the pores, they can get through the pores and evaporate into the air. Sweat, odors, lumps, rashes, and itchiness are signs of detoxification through the skin. In addition, all the orifices, including the mouth, nostrils, eyes, ears, urethra and anus, are detoxification channels. And burping, vomiting, sweating, running nose, tears, earwax, farting, urine and stool are all signs of detoxification. These are also called “healing reactions”. In a word, all excretions are toxins and wastes removed from the body.


Gradual fading and disappearance of Sha is not a process where the toxins are absorbed into the body; instead, it is a process where toxic waste, i.e. Sha, is eliminated through the above-mentioned channels. Without the biochemical reactions induced by PaidaLajin, these toxins will not be filtered out in the form of Sha; instead, they will continue to stagnate Qi and blood flow and form pathogenic substances. PaidaLajin boosts Qi to decompose and detoxify these toxins. During PaidaLajin, a person’s body odor, smell of sweat, smell and color of urine and stool will get stronger than usual. And it is normal to feel tired and experience various healing reactions, for Sha formation and removal consume energy.


According to Western medicine, Sha produced during Paida is “poisoned blood” removed from blood vessels; it lies in the interstitial spaces under the skin. The interstitial blood is identified as alien substance by phagocytes and lymphocytes, and is thus decomposed and excreted through breathing, sweating, urination and other channels. When phagocytes and lymphocytes are functioning normally, Sha is decomposed quickly and fades away faster, otherwise it will take more time. Regular Paida enhances the immune functions of these cells, helping the body to efficiently remove pathological substances.


Modern medical science has found that the process of removing harmful alien substances can enhance the functions of the immune system, stimulate generation of many stem cells in vivo and removal of necrotic and dead cells, and improve the body’s capacity to cope with stress and repair damaged tissues. Paida not only instantly improves circulation and clears meridian blockages, the process of Sha elimination is in effect a DIY serum antigen therapy, which makes the use of injections unnecessary. It can improve the body’s ability to remove alien substances and enhance immunity. This is an additional benefit of Paida, also known as an “after-effect” of Paida.


Chinese medicine has a clear explanation: Sha is Yin energy accumulated in the body. Paida brings Sha to the surface, and further Paida warms up the slapped area and then the entire body, i.e. it stimulates the Yang energy to rise. The more pain is felt during Paida, the faster the body warms up. Diseases are cured when Yin energy is neutralized by the rising Yang energy.


Whether the Qi Movement Theory and the Yin-Yang Interaction Theory in Chinese medicine, or the cell, immunity and other theories in Western medicine, they are but limited knowledge that humans use in their attempts to decipher the unfathomable self-healing mechanism embedded in us. To truly uncover the secret of self-healing, you need to engage in actual practice and feel it in your heart.