In the coming weeks, we will be sending you some basic information about “How To Heal Yourself Naturally” via email.  Therefore, please make sure that they don’t go into your spam folder.

These basic concepts are:

  1. The cause of each disease is a complex come.  Please do not focus only on the label of a disease.
  2. To be completely healed from any disease requires a complete re-adjustment of the functions of our entire body.
  3. Pain is just a signal telling us the flow of your nutrients to send into our body, and toxins to be sent out is blocked.
  4. Understand “Microcirculation”.
  5. Healing is a process.  Along the way to a complete healing, there may be many other related hidden symptoms show through.  Some are just minor discomfort, some may be major discomfort.  But you will eventually be completely healed.
  6. The theory of self-healing.
  7. The method of self-healing.

Bon Voyage.

Team Pailala