PaidaLajin has change my TCM practice

My name is Justin Green and I am a Traditional Chinese Medical practitioner in Kalispell, MT.

I work at a prestigious integrated pain clinic doing acupuncture for pain syndromes and run a private practice where I practice Chinese Herbal Medicine.  I was introduced to PaidaLajin about 4 months ago.

I started practicing on my patients with knee pain and got such amazing results that I have become to specialize in knee pain and preventing knee replacements, something I had less success with using acupuncture.

I teach any patient who is willing to listen how to Paida themselves and get a Lajin bench for home.

This therapy is the most amazing, safe, simple, effective, and cost effective one I’ve ever seen.  I love to teach people this therapy.

I have started to challenge my patients to put me out of business.  Meaning, PaidaLajin yourself, eat a good diet, and GET BETTER so you don’t need my services anymore!

Thank you Master Xiao for sharing this with the world!

Justin Green

Montana Acupuncture
27 Village Loop Road
Kalispell, MT 59001

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4 Replies to “PaidaLajin has change my TCM practice”

  1. Wonderful! I have a friend who has knee problems and I have been coaxing him to try Paida Lajin because I was able to reduce my high blood pressure through mainly slapping. (Paida.) I join you in saying “Thankyou Master Xiao for sharing this with the world.”
    Is the slapping you do for knees, just on the knee area but also on the other four main areas? If you were closer I would come to your clinic but live in Europe, Central Italy. I also have a Lajin bench. How long is it necessary to slap on the knee area..and I would imagine, most particularly behind the knee? How long have you found it necessary to do Lajin. thanks so much if you could help!

    1. Lajin each leg for 15 to 30 minutes minimum each day. Slapping minimum 15 minutes each region until all eight general areas are slapped. Slapping requires a heavier hand. Light slapping has no effect.

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