I haven’t seen my friend Xi for years, and now she is pregnant with an over 5-month-old baby. These days, we are living together. Of course, we have use for Paida.

A few days ago, we went out for a walk. After walking in the street for a while, Xi said she was feeling dull pain in her stomach. Not a big deal! We strolled to a quiet place, sat down on a wooden bench, and began leisurely Paida under the blue sky and white clouds. I first slapped one of her inner elbows. I started gently and gradually slapped heavier. While doing Paida, I explained her the theory. It was her first time to receive Paida. Initially she felt some prickling pain, particularly when the red, purple and dark patches of Sha were coming out at the slapped area. As an instinctive response, her body was a bit tense, and her breathing became shallow.

Then she closed her eyes and relaxed, and breathed deeply as when she did yoga, slowly inhaling into the belly. With her attention distracted from Paida, she didn’t feel as much pain any more. After a while, there was less and less pain, and she actually began to enjoy the comfort of Paida. When I moved on to slap on her Zusanli acupoint, she also slapped the other elbow and some purplish red Sha appeared. I then helped her slap it for some time, and much dark Sha and white powder surfaced at the elbow. I told her, “There is an adage in Chinese medicine that massaging the Zusanli acupoint is more nourishing than having old hens. Paida is more penetrative than massage, so you can imagine how nourishing it is to slap on the Zusanli acupoint often.” Hearing these words, she lifted her trousers and began to slap at the Zusanli acupoint on the other leg. Soon, much bluish Sha emerged on both of her legs. And her stomach ache was gone.

After drizzling rain for days, today the sun is finally back. In the afternoon, Xi told me that she felt a bit dizzy. I felt her forehead — indeed, she had low fever. The sunshine on the rooftop was so heart-warming, just the right time for Paida. We sat on a yoga mat and bathed our backs in the sun. I began to slap on her Dazhui acupoint. Soon, some purplish red Sha came out. After a few more minutes, she exclaimed, “Strange enough, I feel my face very itchy.” Great! It’s a detoxifying reaction. She went back into her room and observed her face in the mirror. “Oh, my face is starting to have Sha,” she said. I looked closely, indeed, some red spots had emerged on her face. I didn’t slap there. Isn’t it a miracle?

We decided to continue and slap the entire spine. To make it easier for me to slap, she leaned forward and exposed her back. I was afraid that it would press on her belly and the baby inside, she said, “It’s Okay. I’m willing to try Paida because my baby is good to Mummy.” Well, the fact is, she has an open mind, and does Lajin and yoga for pregnant women often. That’s why she’s very brisk at this stage. You see, while I slapped along her spine, she was stretching her legs. After some time, I told her, “Please close your eyes. The effect will be better.” To that, she replied, “I’ve long closed my eyes and have been using deep breathing.” Mr. Xiao often says, “For a pregnant woman who practices PaidaLajin, she can enjoy easy, natural labour just like drinking a cup of coffee, in as short as half an hour.” So it seems that my friend Xi will be able to make it.

I continued Paida. Then she said, “I don’t feel dizzy now.” When I slapped her waist, she joked, “When my baby is born, it will demand the rhythmic Paida.” Of course, it is only the beginning. Kids LOVE the Paida game, and they eat and sleep well as a result.

Then I slapped much bluish Sha out of her Baliao region (upper middle part of the buttocks, important juncture linking the torso and lower limbs). The whole Paida session lasted over an hour. After Paida, she felt much relaxed and refreshed, and her entire spine was burning hot.


Much of the Sha faded away several hours after thorough Paida.

Then, Xi wanted to “beat” me as a “thank-you” gift, and also to practice Paida so as to help others in future. Well, I have slapped many people and been slapped by many, men and women, old and young; however, it is my first time to be slapped by a pregnant woman. Isn’t it a good blessing? I willingly lay down on my bed to receive her Paida. She is a smart woman — the moment I told her how to Paida, she got it without the need for me to show her how. And, she could also slap heavily. I held on, trying not to scream out. Seeing nothing on the slapped skin, she beat me more heavily. What a “hot, spicy” mom! Finally, some red Sha appeared. She was sweating, and her hands were red, painful and swollen because of the boosted Qi. I felt great after Paida. It seems that people do need a good “beating” to feel well.

As we all know, to ensure her own and her baby’s health, a pregnant woman normally does not take medicine or have injections when experiencing pregnancy reactions or when sick. Some Chinese woman may try folk therapies or herbal medicine. However, they cannot be the best solution. PaidaLajin is the simple, safe and thorough way to go. By practicing PaidaLajin, a pregnant woman can detoxify, unblock meridian blockages, and heal diseases and pains. It will enhance the health of both the mother and the baby, and facilitate natural labour to a healthy, bright baby. When a woman has a pair of hands capable of Paida, the health of the entire family will be enhanced.

When a woman is pregnant, normally she will sleep early, eat healthy and safe, do mild exercise, practice yoga for pregnant women, enjoy sun-baths, beautiful scenery and music, maintain a good mood, do things of interest, and avoid medication and injections…all for the sake of her baby. And, we know that everyone has a child within. Can we love ourselves the way our dear Mom did when she was pregnant with us? If we cherish our precious life, we will spontaneously develop good habits and moods, and live a life that nourishes us. Then there wouldn’t be so many “sick” people in need of a good “beating”, and yet most are unaware of or reluctant to embrace Paida. If we don’t follow the natural way of life, and don’t practice PaidaLajin now, some day, we may “beat” the chest and stamp the feet in sorrow and regret. Isn’t it an instinctive way of Paida?
May every (pregnant) mom in the world get to know and practice PaidaLajin! May we return to the natural way of life, and love ourselves and others the way we love our own children.

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Ellen Zhang
Email: liveitnow@163.com
August 23, 2015