Folding Aluminum Bench (NEW!)




A single pose on this bench stretches 12 meridians at the same time. It is effective for self-healing the common problems white collars have such as cervical unwell, pain in the back and waist, weakness, weariness, sub-health issues, and the troubles middle-age people have like shoulder discomfort, difficulty in raising up arms.

It’s a simple method, and you can learn it within just five minutes. You can start your Lajin practice for 5 minutes, and add the time gradually to 20-30 minutes each leg or longer.

Unfolding Size: 47″x21″x24″


  • Ankle Weights (1)
  • Leg Stabilizer (1)
  • Chinese User Manual (See below for English instruction)
  • Installation Manual


  1. Wear long sleev shirt & long pants; avoid direct exposure of air-conditioning or a fan.
  2. Start with your left leg. Strap a 7 pound sandbag to your ankle.
  3. Lie down on the bench. Fasten your right leg to the post of the bench with a strap, right under your knee.
  4. Put your arms straight ahead.
  5. Switch to your right leg, repeat 2, 3, 4.

Remember, whenever you feel the pains from under your knees or your groin, Qi and blood are starting to remove the blockages, and your self-healing function is starting to work.  This is an effective method for lower back, leg pain, hypertension, frozen shoulder, and lots of other chronic problems. All you need is a Lajin bench, and then you can throw away all the pain killers, and start to heal all by yourself.

Additional information

Weight 36 lbs
Dimensions 41 × 22 × 7 in


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