Editor: Why did the 81 years old lady recover so quickly after receiving the Paida for five afternoons? The secret lies in each Paida time duration was over three hours. The quick healing accounted for the carpet bombing Paida, not the Paida on one or two regions.

By Yining on Feb. 18, 2019

On August 17th, 2018, I went back to home to visit my mom. My 81 years old tough mother who usually counts her blessings instead of unloading her problems, shocked me: She hasn’t have bowel movements for consecutive five or six days. She couldn’t lift her left arm, nor bend over, Her butt hurt so much that she struggled to get up each morning, had to roll a few laps in bed before getting up slowly. Then she had to stump her feet on the floor for a long time before walking on foot because the pain in her feet was unbearable. Seeing her still working hard in her vegetable garden under such conditions, I was both upset and worried. I thought her eating randomly and liking being cold had mainly attributed her health problems.

Regardless how upset I was, I started to apply carpet bombing Paida on my mom. I spent three hours in the afternoon to do the Paida on her both inner elbows to the Neiguan points (wrist area). I continued the Paida after Sha surged, and didn’t stop Paida until Sha disappeared. I also used a heating pad on the area to make Sha disappeared quickly. On the second day, my mom had a bowel movement. She was able to bend over to pick up things. Considering her old age, I only did Paida on every other day, so that she got a chance to take a break from the Paida.

All the Paida work was done in the afternoon. After completing her inner arms, I did the Paida on her buttocks where she felt the pain, then worked on her entire back, followed by outer of her both arms and back of hands. Each region took us three to six hours. I remember on the day that I slapped her back, I spent over five hours. She cried, so did I. After Paida in carpet bombing manner for five afternoons, my mom was 95% healed. Later on, I slapped her occasionally on her back whenever I had time. By the beginning of September when I left her, she was completely healed.

During the Paida, mom’s diet was nothing but noodles and millet porridge. She was craving for soup, so we made pork yam soup once for her. I was surprised to see how quickly Paida healed my mom. It was the first time I tried carpet bombing Paida treating illnesses. Although I was confident it would work, but didn’t expect the positive results come out so soon.

I am very grateful for my elderly mom’s fortitude. (She once joked that she would accuse me for the domestic violence.) Thank my mom for her trust in the self-healing method. Thank me for devoting myself in Paida with great patience. (I was silently reciting four phrases throughout the Paida: Sorry! Excuse Me! Thank you! I love you!)

My deepest gratitude goes to Master Xiao who introduced this carpet bombing Paida method and Teacher Qin Five for his 1234 method.

My mom loves to stretch legs on two chairs against a wall. She had to quit this hobby when she was sick. After she was fully recovered, she was able to do the Lajin in the reclining position again, she was ecstatic.